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Mainnet for a blockchain network aimed at businesses Baseledger is now available for download

Baseledger is a public-permissioned and council-governed blockchain network that satisfies enterprise organisations’ requirements for participation in Baseline-enabled processes: A unified architecture that ensures the quality of services, the privacy of data, and integration…

Unibright, the inventors of a framework for blockchain-based business integration, said today that the mainnet for Baseledger, a public-permissioned, council-governed network for a range of enterprise blockchain use cases, is now operational after nearly two years of development.

Baseledger Proxy, the primary integration instrument that provides the necessary capabilities for Baseline-compliant synchronisation, has been open-sourced and made publicly available on GitHub. Additionally, concircle’s SAP connector, conUBC, has been certified by SAP and is now available for usage.

SPO Consulting GmbH, a council member, was the first validator to offer an active proxy-staking pool for Baseledger token (UBT) on Gysr last week, and Unibright gave 100,000 UBT as staking prizes.

With the deployment of the first validator set, the Baseledger mainnet went operational.

Users can follow the mainnet’s evolution by visiting the block explorer at and reading the documentation at


Token UBT

UBT is Baseledger’s token, which validators stake in order to reserve the ability to perform network labour (node operation and validation). Simultaneously, the token serves as a means of payment for users wishing to drop proofs via Baseledger transactions.

This architecture has the ability to support and adequately handle both the enterprise audience (interested in Software-as-a-Service using a traditional fiat payment model) and the cryptocurrency audience (interested in holding and staking UBT and participating in rewards).

Baseledger, being an enterprise-focused blockchain network, is a key utility and use case for the token. Additionally, Unibright’s product offerings include a number of products and services driven by UBT.

Baseledger is now an ideal complement to these offers. By merging both and making UBT the fuel for Baseledger, UBT functions as both a “input” payment token and a “output” reward token, completing the token loop.

“The Unibright team and other players in the ever-growing Baseledger ecosystem have done an outstanding job. We are thrilled and delighted to have achieved production state with Baseledger Mainnet and eagerly await the next chapter of the Unibright journey.”

— Marten Jung, Unibright’s CEO

Case Studies + Whitepaper

Businesses are already implementing the Baseline Protocol and Baseledger to combat fraud and disputes, assure regulatory and tax compliance, synchronise accounts payable, and obtain more advantageous financing conditions from both traditional and DeFi sources.

The Baseledger whitepaper examines the present level of enterprise blockchain technology, as well as providing an overview of the Baseline Protocol. Following an in-depth examination of the outstanding issues associated with developing the optimal mainnet, Baseledger is proposed as a solution. Reference Following that, implementation examples and an evaluation of the proposed solution are provided.

“Baseledger is the newest addition to our comprehensive tool set for integrating blockchain-based businesses. What began with the Unibright Framework in 2018 has grown into a whole ecosystem for businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology for their integration procedures.”

— Stefan Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer of Unibright


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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