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Liquidity protocol employs stablecoins to assure 0% impermanent loss

The cross-chain liquidity protocol prioritises user experience by providing a simple user interface so that users do not have to cope with sophisticated virtual networks.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have witnessed a considerable outflow of funds from the market, making it increasingly difficult to maintain liquidity. Liquidity plays a crucial role in the DeFi ecosystem, and numerous protocols have developed new ways to keep liquidity pools full over time. The most recent development in the market for liquid assets is cross-chain solutions.

Cross-chain solutions are widely regarded as the future of DeFi, and Symbiosis Finance, a liquidity protocol, has developed its own stablecoin-based cross-chain liquidity solution. The liquidity protocol employs stablecoins to guarantee that liquidity providers (LPs) do not sustain temporary loss.

Nick Avramov, the co-founder of Symbiosis, told  that they have obtained initial liquidity from the likes of Binance Labs,, Amber, and a few others, and that they hope to gain further LPs after they reach a transaction volume of approximately $100 million.

Avramov, discussing the significance of adopting stablecoins as opposed to other crypto assets, noted that the usage of stablecoins not only helps eliminate temporary loss but also assures flawless transactions across different blockchain platforms. This allows for simple exchanges. Avramov explained: disk drill 4.4.613

“We enable native asset swaps, not just another USDTxyz linked to illiquidity,”

Symbiosis Finance facilitates cross-chain swaps across all blockchains that permit the production of EdDSA and ECDSA keys. This practically means that anyone may exchange, for instance, an ERC-20 token for Solana, Polygon, or other cryptocurrencies built on the Binance Smart Chain. Avramov, discussing the future of Web3, stated:

“The pursuit of interoperability is essential for wider adoption, therefore cross-chain and multi-chain solutions are the Web3 economy’s fundamental building blocks.”

The liquidity provider has also paid careful attention to the interface to offer a seamless experience for the front-end user. When doing swaps, the protocol avoids the need to switch between complex virtual networks. Using smart contracts, all of these procedures occur on the back end.

When queried about the security of the network, considering that cross-chain platforms have been the target of miscreants in recent months, with some of the largest heists occurring on cross-chain protocols, the answer was “quite secure.” According to Avramov, security is one of their major objectives, and they have already passed many examinations by reputable companies.

In early February of this year, Symbiosis Finance obtained a strategic investment from Binance Labs and debuted its beta mainnet a month later in March. The protocol has obtained a number of collaborations and has been included into a number of platforms. waves complete 14 torrent


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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