On Wednesday, the Bitcoin Design Community will meet on Twitter to discuss the project’s second edition.

According to a statement given to various news outlets, the Bitcoin Design Community has released the second version of the Bitcoin Design Guide, an open resource aimed at assisting product designers and developers create better user-focused Bitcoin apps.

The first version of the handbook, released in June of last year, gathered concepts for non-custodial Bitcoin products and gave demonstrations and approaches for assisting users in self-custody.

The guide’s focus has shifted to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer-2 scaling solution for faster and cheaper payments, in an effort to assist developers and designers in creating mobile-first, non-custodial lightning wallets with the greatest possible user experience in mind.

“Today, Lightning has progressed. Most consumers, on the other hand, may start their bitcoin journey with a Lightning wallet in the future,” according to the statement. “Lightning will appeal to the majority by providing faster settlement times, reduced fees, and more user-friendly payment methods than on-chain. The Guide’s second edition focuses on creating non-custodial Lightning products that people will rely on in the future.”

On Wednesday, the Bitcoin Design Community, an open group of over 2,400 product designers, developers, and creatives that began as a Spiral initiative in the summer of 2020 to solve bitcoin design challenges, will host a Twitter space to discuss the release of the new version of the Bitcoin Design Guide.

According to the statement, Version 2 is not the final version of the guide, since the Design Community is expected to continue to maintain and enhance it. Future upgrades, on the other hand, are likely to be smaller, more focused improvements that improve certain areas. Improvements to product emphasis sections, better navigation in the guide’s structure, and increased accessibility for bitcoin wallets to cater to a broader set of consumers could be among them, according to the statement.

New participants who wish to assist enhance the Bitcoin user experience are always welcome to join the Design Community.


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