Intel to Create Crypto Mining Accelerators with ‘1000x Better Performance per Watt’

“We will help the development of blockchain technologies by providing energy-efficient accelerators.” This is what Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, said in a press release. “1000x better performance per watt” than today’s GPU or SHA256-based mining machines, says Raja M. Koduri, an Intel VP.

To use Blockchain technology, Intel will get in on the act.

It was on Friday that Raja M. Koduri, the senior vice president of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, wrote a blog post that talked about blockchain technology and the “new custom compute group.” Intel knows that there are some blockchains that use a lot of energy, says Koduri, but they don’t care. A person who works for Intel said that the company’s customers want “scalable and long-term solutions.”

“Intel will work with and support an open and secure blockchain ecosystem,” says Koduri in a blog post. “We will help this technology move forward in a responsible and sustainable way.”

This is not the end of it: Intel’s Koduri said that the first product will be out later in 2022. Jack Dorsey’s Block, Argo Blockchain, and Griid will be the first companies to get help from Intel’s new blockchain accelerator. He said that Intel has been working on “reliable cryptography, hashing techniques, and low-voltage circuits” for a long time. The Intel executive thinks the company’s accelerator will do better per watt.

Over 1000 times better per watt than mainstream GPUs for SHA256-based mining, says Koduri in a blog post.

A new custom compute group has been set up by Intel to help support these ideas. This group is part of the company’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics business unit. To sum up: “The goal of this team is to build custom silicon platforms that are optimised for customer workloads, including blockchain and other custom accelerated supercomputing opportunities at the edge.”

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