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In other news, the Freedom Convoy continues, and a Bitcoin fundraiser generates $542K

Over the last week, a large number of truckers have continued to occupy the streets of Ottawa in protest of the vaccine mandates. On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pleaded with protesters to call a halt to the demonstration, saying, “It has to stop.” Meanwhile, after Gofundme shut down the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser, crypto advocates raised $12,41 bitcoin ($542,00) to assist the truckers in continuing their protest.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insists that truckers’ protest ‘has to stop,’ and Florida Governor will look into Gofundme’s actions.

Thousands of people have surrounded the parliament buildings in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, as part of the Freedom Convoy 2022. On January 29, Canadian truckers began a protest against the new coronavirus vaccine and testing rules.

After falling ill with Covid-19 and being fully vaccinated and boosted, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed parliament for the first time since being infected with the coronavirus last week. “Individuals are attempting to stymie our economy, democracy, and the daily lives of our fellow citizens.” “It has to come to an end,” Trudeau insisted.

Trudeau’s remarks come after the American crowdfunding platform Gofundme shut down the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser and announced that it would be returning donations. The fundraiser raised $9 million for the truckers before Gofundme shut it down, which drew criticism. Following Gofundme’s decision to cancel the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promised to look into Gofundme’s decision. “I will collaborate with [Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody] to investigate these deceptive practises,” said DeSantis.

Since Gofundme reversed the Truckers’ Fundraiser, hundreds of thousands of dollars in censorship-resistant cryptocurrency have been raised.

Earlier various sources reported that cryptocurrency advocates reacted to Gofundme’s decision and two crypto-infused fundraisers. A Bitcoin cash (BCH) supporter started a Flipstarter fundraiser to raise 100 BCH for the truckers, and the Flipstarter has so far raised 24.10 BCH, or nearly $8K using today’s exchange rates. Another fundraiser covered by our newsdesk was created by a Twitter account called “Honkhonk Hodl.”

Honkhonk Hodl’s fundraiser, which is hosted on the Tally platform, has so far raised $541K or 12.41 bitcoin (BTC), and people can donate on chain or send support via the Lightning Network. Onchain, 53% of BTC donors donated to the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser, while the rest used the Lightning Network. The keys to the fund are held by five different people, according to an interview with one of the fundraiser’s founders and Toronto Star reporters Alex McKeen and Grant LaFleche.

“At some point, we could hand it right off to the truckers, because that’s what the people who are donating their bitcoin want to happen,” one of the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser creators told reporters at the Toronto Star. “We’ve only had one meeting so far.” And, you know, it could be anything, and it could also be when we keep it as an endowment.”

Furthermore, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson became aware of the bitcoin fundraiser. Carlson discussed Gofundme’s decision to halt the fundraiser on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” as well as how cryptocurrency supporters have stepped in.

Carlson commented on Honkhonk Hodl’s Tally fundraiser, saying, “Now, why is this appealing?” Nobody has the ability to steal the money. No government can compel anyone to hand over the money because governments do not control crypto.” Carlson continued, “[Bitcoin] travels from person A to person B, and all the intermediary, the company, does is connect the two. It’s quite appealing and you can imagine the long-term ramifications. If the people in charge in this country and in Canada want to make the US dollar irrelevant, they will continue to act in this manner, and it will soon be. In any case, it’s becoming increasingly clear that decentralisation is the only way to break technology’s stranglehold on our human rights.

The entire world is watching to see what happens when a specific segment of society fails to comply with collective mandates. So far, the truckers’ Freedom Convoy 2022 in Canada is in its tenth day, and freedom activists around the world are cheering them on.

The occupation has also spread to the Ambassador Bridge in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, which is the busiest border crossing in North America. Since Monday evening, the Ambassador Bridge has been closed, and traffic on I-75 and the service drive into Detroit, Michigan has been backed up.


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