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In Black America’s Biggest Radio Show, Lamar Wilson Explains Bitcoin’s Value Prop

Lamar Wilson, a bitcoin instructor and entrepreneur, brought the heat to The Breakfast Club. The self-described “World’s Most Dangerous Morning Broadcast” airs on most U.S. radio stations and is also available as a podcast and YouTube show. As a result, this is about as mainstream as it gets. And bitcoiners flocked to it, as they seem to be doing all the time recently.

Lamar Wilson is one of the Black Bitcoin Billionaire platform’s founders. Bitcoin is just up his alley as a software developer with a finance degree. For a long time, he’s been preaching and orange-pilling the black community. However, a platform like The Breakfast Club is on another level. And Lamar Wilson took advantage of the situation.


According to Lamar Wilson, what is Bitcoin’s value proposition?

The edited clip above is a condensed version of a 40-minute conversation. Lamar Wilson tells the hosts, “Bitcoin is different from the rest.” After that, he goes on to explain why. Dj Envy is sceptical of cryptocurrencies. There are too many coins, and he has no idea why they are valuable.

Lamar Wilson responds by comparing other cryptocurrencies to a lovely mansion built on sand. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is built on solid ground. That explains the disparity in the price. Lamar Wilson then goes over several principles that Bitcoinist readers may be aware with.

“A lot of people don’t comprehend the features of bitcoin.” From the standpoint of decentralisation. From the aspect of system security, it is the most secure. The reality that nobody controls the monetary supply or its policies, which is what I was referring to. As a result, it has a more stable base than many of the other currencies out there that are centralised and controlled by others.”

It’s then Angela Yee’s time. She inquires about celebrity-driven crypto frauds and pump-and-dump schemes with Lamar Wilson. She inquires, “How do you regulate that?” Like most bitcoin maximalists, he compares the altcoin ecosystem to a casino. Lamar Wilson, on the other hand, takes a kinder approach.

“I’m a libertarian to the extreme. You can do whatever you want. Nobody outside of Las Vegas says, “Don’t go in there!” if you want to gamble. If you want to bet, go ahead and do it. (You might hit, says Envy) You might hit. But it’s not about hitting with bitcoin. It’s all about amassing.”

As A Digital Manhattan, Bitcoin

Lamar Wilson compares buying bitcoin to buying a piece of Manhattan in the 18th century, drawing on Michael Saylor’s book. He asks the hosts, “Would you do it?” Obviously, both of them say yes. That is, after all, the opportunity you have in front of you. However, it goes even beyond. Manhattan remains a New York institution, whereas “bitcoin is worldwide liquid.” It’s in high demand all across the world.

“So, if you have bitcoin, you can take that value wherever you go,” Lamar Wilson concludes.

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What Are Twitter’s Thoughts On Lamar Wilson’s Interview?

“Lamar Wilson was throwing Bitcoin jewels on The Breakfast Club broadcast!” said Bitcoin enthusiast and author Charlene Fadirepo. This is how an entire community becomes orange pilled!” “Lamar Wilson is authentic,” another bitcoin-centric account, Boiler Room, tweeted. He’s an expert in his field. He’s never said anything weird, only facts, in my experience. Lamar always gives it his all.”

The Black Bitcoin Billionaire community, for their part, held a full recap/listening party.

Last but not least, Marty Bent, host of the Tales From The Crypt podcast, described the whole incident as “Mega platform orange pilling.” This newspaper wholeheartedly agrees. Bitcoiners are now commonplace in the mainstream media. Is that a fact that has been factored in?


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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