Icelandic Singer Björk Accepts Bitcoin for New Album, Rewards Buyers with Cryptocurrency

Icelandic Singer Björk Accepts Bitcoin for New Album, Rewards Buyers with Cryptocurrency

Björk is urging her fans to buy her anticipated collection with digital forms of money, allowing them to procure remunerates as well.

The Icelandic cutting edge symbol’s ninth collection, Utopia, is relied upon to be discharged on the 24 November. Collaborating with London-based Blockpool, a B2B blockchain structure, Björk has took into consideration four distinctive computerized monetary standards to be utilized to get her collection, reports The Times. These incorporate bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin, and audiocoin.

The individuals who pre-arrange her collection through her site or Björk’s record mark One Little Indian will get 100 AudioCoins. These would then be able to be changed over to different cryptographic forms of money. At the season of composing, that adds up to simply finished $0.25. The reward will be saved into an e-wallet made for them by Blockpool. It might likewise be workable for fans to be remunerated with more audiocoins by sharing connects to Björk’s music and stock via web-based networking media.

As indicated by Blockpool, current spilling administrations are neglecting to furnish specialists with reasonable wages, expressing that ‘decentralized music cash rewards fans and craftsmen in the meantime.’

With the utilization of the blockchain craftsmen will get installment from fans in the meantime as fans get the music on their PCs. By removing the go between, specialists don’t have to stress over observing a cut from the collection deals.

This move by Björk marks a significant step by a major artist to back the use of digital currencies in the last few years. In October 2015, Imogen Heap, Grammy Award-winning U.K. singer, songwriter, and producer, released her song Tiny Human on a smart contract. Blockchain startup Ujo Music worked with Heap on the project. Fans of Heap were able to pay for her single with ether.

Last October, while speaking at the Oslo Innovation Week, Heap explained that it was time that the industry reinvented the way in which people discover new content and how creators get paid. In her opinion the blockchain presents the solution to many of the issues surrounding the music industry.

According to Kevin Bacon, Blockpool CEO, while people have done things involving cryptocurrencies and artists before, this is the first time it has been achieved on this scale by a major performer.

Music Ally reports Bacon as saying:

While it will be interesting to see how the crypto community responds to this, Utopia is also a gateway for people to go into crypto for the first time. Björk is the best artist in the world we could imagine doing this.



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