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I orange-pilled the youngsters, honey! BTC’s children’s authors discuss the importance of learning about money

Three Bitcoin children’s book authors reveal the secrets of teaching children about Bitcoin and money, as well as why it’s so crucial to start early.
Everyone can use Bitcoin. Teenagers, children, toddlers, and even newborns fall within this category.

Because these children will utilise the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol when they grow up, it “makes logical to begin integrating Bitcoin into learning as early as feasible.”

At least, that’s what Scott Sibley, one half of the team behind the Shamory Bitcoin game and the ‘Goodnight Bitcoin’ children’s bedtime book, says. He joins a growing roster of Bitcoin children’s book authors that are passionate about instilling a love of Bitcoin and money in children.

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Goodnight Bitcoin book.

“Kids may learn far faster and earlier than most people realise,” Sibley and his wife believe.

It’s one of the reasons they created its Bitcoin bedtime storey, which is based on the “plethora of “Goodnight” novels (Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Baseball, etc.).” It also acts as a good introduction to their semi-educational Bitcoin mining game, SHAmory.

The Sibleys recognised a “product and content gap when it comes to interesting methods for kids and adults to learn about Bitcoin,” and they’re filling it with instructional content that goes beyond the traditional podcasts, novels, and long-form essays.

“Most “conventional” institutions do not provide financial education that includes Bitcoin. So it’s up to Bitcoin parents to figure out how to incorporate that teaching at home right now.”

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Bitcoin for Kiddos book.

The creators of Bitcoin for Kiddos, the narrative of Bitcoin, are Chris and Frieda Bobay. They’re another couple dedicated to teaching “children about money at a young age,” so that “they would have the best chance to detect it [uncorruptible money] when they see it.”

They stated:

“We wanted to introduce our children to Bitcoin and broader concepts of money at a young age so that they are more comfortable using and discussing the technology as they grow older.”

“Money is a taboo subject for most adults,” they say, “but it doesn’t have to be.” It cuts down social barriers by teaching youngsters about Bitcoin (and, inherently, money) through books, resulting in “an wonderful learning experience for the entire family.”

The Bitcoin Rabbi, Michael Caras, author of Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money, praises the other authors’ thoughts on children and money. “It’s critical that youngsters learn how to work for money, save, spend properly, and give to charity,” he said.

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Bitcoin money, a tale of Bitville

He points out an unanticipated benefit of teaching children about Bitcoin: it also serves as a “intro for grownups.” “Kids, as well as adults, will be better off in the sense that we have all been exposed to and learned more about money, where it originates from, what makes it valuable, and so on,” Sibley argues. Sibley goes on to say:

“These are all questions [about money] that most people will probably never think about or learn about in their lives.”

Furthermore, because “children may not have all of the biases that adults do,” they may be more open to the decentralised monetary network. “Children comprehend the digital component of Bitcoin because they are digital natives,” says the Bitcoin Rabbi.

“Because they don’t have preconceived preconceptions about how traditional money and banks work, they can see Bitcoin as genuine money more easily.”

In the end, not only do the Bitcoin children’s books quietly teach kids (and their parents) about Bitcoin while also orange-piling them, but they also serve to break down a long-standing taboo: talking about money.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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