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Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida says the state is “figuring out ways” to allow businesses to pay taxes with Bitcoin

At a news conference on Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that he has spoken with state agencies and instructed them to find ways for businesses to pay taxes using cryptocurrency. DeSantis claimed the government is working on accepting bitcoin “for payments in the state of Florida” during the signing ceremony for a measure centred on financial literacy.

DeSantis is worried about Vice President Joe Biden’s executive order


On Tuesday, Ron DeSantis, Florida’s 46th governor, appeared at a press conference alongside his colleagues to sign a bill requiring financial literacy in all public schools in the state. DeSantis addressed on a variety of topics, including his concerns about US President Joe Biden’s new executive order on digital currencies. When it comes to decentralised crypto assets and centralised digital bank currencies, according to DeSantis, there is a lack of understanding (CBDCs).

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has previously mentioned accepting bitcoin for state taxes. In December of last year, DeSantis spoke at length about his efforts to make Florida more “crypto-friendly.”

“There’s a distinction between a decentralised digital cryptocurrency like bitcoin and what some are proposing at the government level, which is to turn U.S. dollars into essentially a digital currency,” DeSantis explained. “I think there are a lot of risks with that when it’s centrally controlled,” says the author. I’m concerned about how much power it would give someone in a central authority to effectively block access to purchasing specific things. “We’d be venturing into unknown area,” the governor remarked.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida says his administration is looking at ways for businesses to pay taxes in cryptocurrency


DeSantis stated during the signing ceremony on Tuesday that the state of Florida is preparing to adopt digital currencies such as bitcoin (BTC). “I’ve urged the state agencies to develop out ways where if a company wants to pay tax in bitcoin to Florida, we should be willing to accept it,” Florida Governor Rick Scott said. “We will accept Bitcoin for payments in the state of Florida, and we’re working on it,” DeSantis stated.

The governor’s remarks echo his remarks from December, when his administration submitted the “Freedom First Budget.” DeSantis said in a speech in Tallahassee that month that he wants Florida to be “crypto-friendly.” The governor also stated that his government was investigating how blockchain technology may be used to improve some of the state’s record-keeping systems.

While DeSantis is gaining a reputation as a crypto-friendly governor, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is a bitcoin supporter as well. Suarez is paid in bitcoin for a portion of his income, and he declared last December that he planned to convert a portion of his 401k retirement plan to bitcoin. The administration’s “Freedom First Budget” contains $700,000 for study into ways to advance Florida’s cryptocurrency partnership.


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