Gaming guild and metaverse DAO redefined cryptocurrency

The metaverse becomes more than a science fiction concept when players in the virtual reality have a structured home.

Many people still think of the metaverse as an idea from a science fiction novel. Many people, though, are impacting the evolution of this online universe without ever realizing it, thanks to their participation in immersive video games like Fortnite.

On a bigger scale, the world has seen entirely new communities shift to online interactions, including employment, sociability, and exercise in a hybrid experience, over the last two years. These early online actions were eventually countered by strategic alliances formed by gamers and blockchain leaders. The goal is for the world to witness a one, seamless reality rather than disparate online and offline encounters.

Final Frontier is driving the new standard for cryptocurrency initiatives. The initiative aims to generate opportunities through existing blockchain protocols by adding FRNT token asset utilization in the virtual economy and reward distribution for members, investors, and partners as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), professional gaming guild, and leader in esports gaming. Since then, the guild has stated their commitment to the MUD faction for Star Atlas games as well as membership in the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO), a group dedicated to supporting, partnering with, and protecting one another in Star Atlas.

Because of their potential to ensure that players respect one another and attract the correct community, these criteria are viewed as an essential component of a AAA-level organization for blockchain gaming. Final Frontier believes in establishing these positive standards, replete with skilled rules and laws to regulate members in a militant manner. However, the leadership structure is non-dictatorial in order to foster community participation. The team has pursued relationships with Krypto Playboy, Macrochain Capital, NuHollywood Inc, HT Ventures, NEXTZ Ventures, Interstellar Alliance, FABRIC, Equinox Starfleet, Kretos Ventures, Atlessio Family, and Soliens DAO, among others, to advance this endeavor.

Supporting the people behind the metaverse

Final Frontier is embracing the world’s four major currencies in order to construct this structured home for metaverse participants. Time, knowledge, connections, and money are examples of these currencies. All currencies are used to acknowledge that harmony in the first three currencies is required for greater financial freedom and success.

Efforts on this expedition culminated in a Twitter Spaces event, where Star Atlas participants and other metaverse players heard directly from Commander Ardo about the project’s path. Through his announcement, the audience experienced his compassion for women’s empowerment and change, as well as his promise to make these efforts a reality. The inspirational was followed by the tactical in the form of a “Create Change” gift, in which the community sees another command in response to Ardo’s credo, “Service before self, excellence in all we do, and no task is too huge to fulfil!”

Final Frontier has also placed a strong emphasis on education. The group has published two digital periodicals, both of which are thought to be the first of their sort in the metaverse. The initial magazine, dubbed the Metazine, consisted of monthly digital publications that included interviews with well-known metaverse figures, information on the newest trends, and specialized Star Atlas updates.

The second magazine is Metapower, a periodical for women’s empowerment in which women from all over the world come together to share their stories, artwork, and new ideas. These endeavors have demonstrated the organization’s commitment to effecting change as well as the immense force deployed in Star Atlas.

Creating change

Final Frontier has attracted 500 members as a result of their efforts, making them a co-founder of the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO). Only five months after its inception, the project has gained the support of a community of over 60,000 followers.

Looking ahead, the team has planned for the debut of their NFT, a leadership bonding trip, a FIFA esports event, a Call of Duty competition, the expansion of the UMO, and Star Atlas strategy planning. The community can also look forward to the start of a staking program, which is expected to be operational by the end of the year.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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