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Frontier, a mobile-first crypto wallet, has partnered with Tezos to improve user DeFi

Frontier is making a significant splash in the world of decentralised banking and Web 3.0, as it expands its roots to pioneer widespread adoption and lucrative use cases. Frontier is allowing users to explore diverse blockchain ecosystems from a single interface, with the goal of lowering entry barriers in the DeFi ecosystem and providing solutions for users to have a smooth DeFi experience.

The project’s widely anticipated V2 app version was released in Q4 2021. The V2 programme, also known as “The New Frontier,” was created in partnership with cutting-edge protocols Polygon, MoonPay, Avalanche, and Arbitrum, and is packed with unique features ideal for any crypto or DeFi user. Frontier now supports the Tezos blockchain network, as well as 14 additional DeFi networks, thanks to the V2 release. On the occasion of the release of V2, it also launched a $100K Sweepstakes Program.

The Tezos integration will give customers a more comprehensive experience, as the Frontier app will now act as a channel for sending, storing, and receiving Tezos native FA tokens. Tezos integration on Frontier is another important step toward a reimagined DeFi environment that will attract more people to the blockchain ecosystem, enhance DeFi user retention, and provide users with exciting new features.

Users can establish multi-coin wallets and store Tezos-based assets via the Frontier app. FA 1.2 and 2.0 tokens are supported by the mobile app, allowing consumers a variety of alternatives. Tezos FA assets are analogous to Ethereum’s ERC-20 and ERC-721 specifications. The FA 2.0 token standard supports a broader spectrum of tokens, including fungible (TRC-20), non-fungible (ERC721), and multi-asset contracts, similar to Ethereum’s fungible (TRC-20), non-fungible (ERC721), and multi-asset contracts (ERC-1155).


Bringing Multi-Chain Support to the Forefront Frontier


Users can now access blockchains like Polygon, Avalanche, and Tezos without having to switch apps. The Frontier-Tezos mash-up will also reveal a slew of other intriguing features, like a DEX, NFT collections, and staking options for those looking to maximise their profits. Frontier will strengthen decentralised finance and digital value for users in the Tezos integrated ecosystem as part of the strategic partnership, as well as lower entry barriers to help the sector expand and prosper.

Users will be able to connect to Tezos-based DApps in a quick and seamless manner as a result of this agreement. Furthermore, the integration will enable both initiatives to tap into other crypto ecosphere sectors. Users of the Frontier app can learn about a variety of opportunities and services, including high performance, affordable costs, and a low carbon impact, as well as a dynamic, passionate, and expanding DeFi community.

Frontier hopes to achieve more of the milestones stated in its intriguing plan, as well as unleash additional blockchain potential, paving the way for a DeFi future and promoting a seamless user experience, including Tezos integration.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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