Flamingo Finance updates roadmap through 2022, notes Q1 goals

The Flamingo Finance team has updated its Q4 2022 strategy. Notably, Flamingo has highlighted key deliverables for the final month of Q1. Implementing Reverse Pools, integrating mobile wallet functionality, and introducing single-stake pools are just a few examples.

Flamingo has moved its focus for Q1 2022 to building Reverse Pool, which will enable users to stake FLM and “x” tokens in a pool and get “x” tokens in exchange for FLM.

The Flamingo team is collaborating with OneGate, a Neo N3 blockchain wallet and dApp gateway, on mobile wallets. OneGate was created as a portal to the Neo N3 ecosystem, and contains a decentralized application store with links to compatible applications. For Q1 2022, the goal is to integrate Flamingo trading capabilities into the OneGate wallet, allowing users to switch tokens immediately within the app on their phone.

Additionally, the team plans to launch a single-stake pool in Q1. Individual pools in which Flamingo users can wager FLM and get FLM as a reward are called single-stake pools.

Looking ahead to Q2 2022, the roadmap includes the integration of a fiat on-ramp, reprioritization of the Lottery platform and rebranding as Win FLM Pool, as well as the creation of a history view for users’ trading and FLM claiming activity.

Flamingo has pushed back the planned integration of the Auto Compounded AMM until Q3 2022. ACAMM was originally scheduled for deployment in Q1 2022, but the team has adjusted its focus to include support for trading services, following a period of intense focus on staking-based services in recent months. Additional key milestones for Q3 and Q4 2022 include the implementation of a new cross-chain bridge, an update to the FLM token economic model, and the launch of Flamingo Pay, which simplifies the process of making e-commerce transactions using FLM.

The complete roadmap is available at the following link:


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