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Finland Selects Coinmotion and Tesseract as Bitcoin Donation Brokers in Ukraine

The government of Finland has chosen two local digital asset service businesses to act as brokers for its proposed contribution to Ukraine.

The two firms chosen are Coinmotion, a trading and custody firm located in Jyväskylä, and Tesseract, a digital asset lender based in Helsinki, Finland’s customs department stated Thursday.
By early summer, the aim is to provide Coinmotion and Tesseract around 1,890 BTC ($75 million) to sell.

Finland was reported yesterday to be considering donating bitcoin to Ukraine worth up to 73 million euros ($77 million) obtained during various criminal investigations.

Annika Saariko, Finland’s Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, verified the reports via her Facebook page, adding that the bitcoin would be liquidated and the revenues donated in euros.


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