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Fight for Bitcoin: A Brazilian UFC fighter will be paid in Bitcoin for his fight profits

Matheus Nicolau, a UFC fighter, is switching to a Bitcoin pay-check to protect himself from inflation and ensure the value of his hard work.

Matheus Nicolau of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the first world-famous athlete to choose to accept his fight earnings in Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency (BTC).

According to a joint announcement shared with the media, Nicolau, the eighth-ranked UFC flyweight fighter, received his first compensation in Bitcoin on Monday through a deal facilitated by Bitwage payroll service.

To protect himself from growing inflation, the Brazilian athlete has chosen to receive his income in Bitcoin. “I make my money the hard way,” Nicolau said, adding that earning Bitcoin will help him secure the value of his hard work and prevent his money from going to waste. I’m willing to die for it. MMA is a high-intensity sport in which you must invest everything you have. On the one hand, I feel like I’m always fighting, and on the other, I feel like I’m always losing money. Then it dawned on me: Bitcoin is the answer.”

Vincius Las Casas, the Brazilian fighter’s manager, will also use Bitwage to get a portion of his income in BTC. “We are quite positive on Bitcoin, and with this recent deal, we hope to spread the Bitcoin gospel,” Nicolau’s manager Vincius Las Casas stated.

Matheus Nicolau is the first Latin American athlete and the second UFC fighter to be paid in Bitcoin, according to the release. UFC heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou revealed in January that he will accept Bitcoin as payment for half of his UFC 270 prize fund via Cash App.

Nicolau joins a growing number of celebrities, politicians, and athletes who have realised the value of holding Bitcoin by starting to receive paid in BTC.

Andre Iguodala, a three-time NBA champion, stated in January that he will take part of his estimated $2.6 million annual paycheck in Bitcoin Cash. Seven NFL players, including Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Trevor Lawrence, have opted to start receiving their entire salaries in crypto or have a percentage of their income converted to crypto in 2021, as reported by several media outlets.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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