FC Barcelona is to launch its own cryptocurrency, according to reports

The club has turned down offers to partner with cryptocurrency companies because it wants to create its own money and metaverse.

According to ESPN, FC Barcelona’s president has stated that the club wants to develop its own cryptocurrency.

The club has turned down offers to partner with crypto companies because it wants to create its own cryptocurrency and metaverse, according to Joan Laporta, who spoke at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

“We want to make our own cryptocurrency, and we have to do it ourselves,” stated Laporta. “We’re unique in that we rely on the revenue generated by the sports business to make ends meet.”

Barcelona, unlike the majority of big soccer clubs, is owned and operated by its supporters. The club’s governance is based on 160,000 members rather than shareholders. According to Forbes, it was the most valuable soccer club in the world in 2021.

“We are not backed by large corporations or shareholders. This forces us to be creative, original, courageous, and ahead of the curve in many aspects of the sports sector “According to Laporta.

Following plans first disclosed last November, Laporta stated the club will introduce a range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the near future.

It’s unknown what Barcelona’s crypto will be used for at this time, whether it’ll be a fan token similar to those supplied by Socios or a way to pay for tickets and stuff.


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