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Ertha Metaverse sells Rome NFT for a record-breaking $120,000

Ertha Metaverse appears to be unstoppable on its way to becoming the industry’s leading metaverse. The project is already known for having one of the most searched-for tokens in GameFi, and it has a fully diluted market cap in excess of $380 million at the time of writing. Its creators announced today that a new sales record had been set.

The buyer who paid $120,000 for the right to call one of Europe’s most famous cities their own now owns Rome, not the Romans. They now control not only world-famous landmarks like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, but also Vatican City, the Pope’s residence, and the famed Sistine Chapel.

This exceeds previous highs set for Tokyo, which sold for $59,000, and the majority of Sweden, which was purchased by a single buyer for $50,000.

To some, these may appear to be exorbitant sums to spend on digital plots of land. However, each plot, particularly those with higher prices, comes with a plethora of resources that can be used to generate revenue for its owner in the form of $ERTHA tokens. The Metaverse is divided into 360,000 purchasable land plots, each of which collects taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from transactions that occur on it.

With Ertha’s trajectory on the rise, Rome’s purchase price may not seem so exorbitant once the game is live and hundreds of thousands of players flood into its playspace. Investors looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding metaverses and Play-to-Earn gaming should consider Ertha Metaverse.

The games marketplace, an interactive globe, is constantly updated, with land in new countries being released on a daily basis. Prospective landowners should act quickly. Buyers are eager to purchase land as soon as it becomes available. There is still much to look forward to in Ertha’s roadmap, with an exciting list of improvements and additions on the way.

Ertha’s Introduction:

In Ertha, humanity is on the verge of extinction. World leaders failed in their last-ditch efforts to save the planet, and uncountable natural disasters devastated the planet in the years that followed.

Players are given the opportunity to right the wrongs of our past by creating a new world from scratch. Resources can be extracted, land can be developed, economies can be rebuilt, and countries and governments can be reformed as they see fit. Each player’s actions can have long-term consequences in an ever-changing metaverse.

Ertha’s Playing Style:

Ertha’s world is a complex and intricately designed playspace ripe for the formation of new governments, economies, and shaky alliances among its player population. To stay one step ahead of the competition, players must balance their production, trade, and financial budgets.

Ertha is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those interested in Metaverses and Play-to-Earn gaming.

What Exactly Is the $ERTHA Token?

Anyone who is serious about entering the Erthaverse will need the $ERTHA token. In a game of economic and political intrigue, the token can be used in a variety of ways by players. $ERTHA can be used to influence in-game political policies, buy land, develop real estate, and much more.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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