Emoji-based site addresses will be supported by the Opera browser

Through an emoji-centric integration with Yat, Opera users can now register and access emoji URLs and personal domains.

Opera has announced a cooperation with Yat, a platform that facilitates the generation of emoji-based web addresses (URLs), to integrate the emoji system across all OS systems in Opera’s browsers. To commemorate the announcement, the pair organised an event to award seven nonfungible tokens (NFTs) from renowned NFT artist Fvckrender, each worth 2.89 Ether.

Yat’s NFT project allows internet users to create their own unique emoji strings and use them as universal digital IDs and wallet addresses. Opera just made the beta version of its new Crypto Browser Project available.

Users of Opera may now surf the web by typing a string of emojis instead of letters and words into the URL bar. According to Jorgen Arnesen, executive vice president of mobile at Opera, the “emojification” of Opera is a “new, easier, and more entertaining” way to find and be directed to Yat pages.

“The collaboration represents a significant shift in the way the internet operates. Opera users may now avoid using.com or even words in their links and instead use emojis to navigate to websites thanks to the integration with Yat.”

Emojis inserted in web pages will automatically link to the corresponding “y.at/” page. Famous musicians and celebrities were among the first to purchase and use Yat emoji web addresses, commonly referred to as Yats. For example, rapper Lil Wayne’s (y.at/alien-musical note) Yat page redirects viewers to his record label’s website, while DJ Steve Aoki’s (y.at/birthday cake-musical note) page takes them to his own.

Yat and Opera are running a scavenger hunt to celebrate the integration’s launch, with participants competing for seven commissioned Fvck Crystals NFTs by NFT artist Fvckrender.

On OpenSea, Yat had a trading volume of 411 ETH ($1,263,422) at the time of publication.


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