Edensol, a Solana-based company, has launched a one-stop NFT ecosystem

Introduced by Golem House team, Edensol is on its way to becoming top-tier NFT-centric game on Solana (SOL)
  • Advanced gameplay, tournaments, super-rare NFTs: Introducing Edensol
  • Earn value with Land NFTs and NSOL tokens

With Edensol by Lithuania-based devs Golem House, Solana (SOL) blockchain enthusiasts will have one more way to entertain themselves and earn from their gaming skills and idle crypto bags.

Advanced gameplay, tournaments, super-rare NFTs: Introducing Edensol

Launched in late Q4, 2021, Edensol is an action role-playing on-chain game with a built-in NFT module. Since its very first days, it excites users with cutting-edge gameplay with three types of Hero characters: Warriors, Rangers and Mages. All heroes are fighting monsters and compete with their peers in battles and tournaments. Winners can obtain rewards in NSOL – the core native utility token of Edensol – and exclusive NFTs.

Edensol’s NFTs are unique: there is no alternative on existing platforms for digital collectibles. Edensol’s collections comprise various in-game assets, including special weapons, advanced battle gear, limited edition clothing, pets, eggs and so on. They can be used for value storage and utilizes for gameplay at the same time.

Edensol’s ecosystem is designed for growth: its devs have chosen Solana (SOL) as the most resource-efficient and scalable blockchain platform. Besides high-performance gaming, it allows users to purchase NFTs with virtually no fees compared to expensive Ethereum-based alternatives.

In the Epic Tournaments sector, Edensol enthuaists can compete as e-athletes between each other. Additionally, players can bet on the out come of this or that tournament to win rewards in NFTs and the native tokens of the Edensol gaming ecosystem.

Earn value with Land NFTs and NSOL tokens

As the third element of Edensol tokenomics, its team introduces “Land NFTs,” i.e., an opportunity to buy/sell land plots in the Edensol Metaverse. Once purchased, Land NFTs generate passive income for their owners. Also, players can create Guilds to fight for “Land NFTs” by staking NSOL tokens.

With NSOL staked, Edensol gamer guilds can raid and conquer “Lands” owned by other players. In Edensol, gamers can create alliances to implement sophisticated colonization strategies or just earn passive income for holding “Lands.”

As of February 2022, Edensol invites investors to take part in the presale phase of its initial gaming offering (IGO), a GameFi-native form of a decentralized on-chain tokensale.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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