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Doodle Apes NFTs Now on the BNB Chain

The new NFT launch is going to be very useful for early investors, and there’s going to be a way to breed in the future.

Doodle Ape NFTs Launch

0.065 BNB will buy you one of the Doodle Apes NFTs on BNB Chain. People who are looking for high-quality images will be drawn to the Apes because of their sleek, clean art style.

By the end of the 18th, less than 800 of the 6000 Doodle Apes had been made. The mint began on February 17. It’s time for the race to 1000. Minters who start early have the best chance of getting rewards as well. The team at Doodle Apes has also said that these NFTs will be able to breed, which will make them even more useful.

“#NFA but I’m going to keep it a buck fifty with y’all I have high hopes for this team 100%. the art is clean with a modest minting price of 0.065 #BNB – It actually has utility & they’re planning to introduce breeding which is dope asf,” wrote Twitter user @ClerkBSC.

There’s a sense that something big is going on in the NFT group on BSC. With more projects finding clever ways to use the space, it’s growing naturally. The Doodle Apes will look good next to other Ape-themed NFTs on BSC, like the Non-fungible Apes from ApeSwap and the Degen Ape Club, which are both on BSC.

The Utility of Doodle Apes

The Doodle Apes are getting a lot of attention because of how useful they are for people who own or mint them. If you get your hands on some of the first mints, you’ll be able to do things like get reflections, get royalties, and breed in the future.

Utilities for Doodle Apes

  • Minting fees reflected to all dapes equally- 3%
  • Marketplace commission – 6%
  • Holders – 2%
  • Community – 2%
  • Team – 2%


We’re only at the beginning of the story for Doodle Apes now. At this point, almost all of the apes are almost sold out. The fun has just begun. Plenty of Apes remain, which means there is still a lot of usefulness to be found. The people in the BNB Chain NFT community are waiting for you to come and get them!

What is Doodle Apes

The Doodle Apes are 6,000 hand-drawn NFTs on the BNB Chain that were inspired by doodles.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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