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Custom NFT Marketplace Creaticles Expands Advisory Board

Creaticles, the world’s first NFT Requests Marketplace, announced today the addition of five new members to its Advisory Board: Jeff Jiho Zirlin, Co-Founder of Axie Infinity; Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of Sandbox; Joe Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of FirstBlood; Juergen Hoebarth, seasoned blockchain consultant and Founder of NFT.Art; and Kenny Li, MIT Slo The new Advisors join Creaticles as the company prepares for its upcoming multi-chain growth.

Creaticles is the world’s first NFT platform, connecting consumers seeking bespoke NFT art with a verified global artist roster. The startup was created by Trevor Keith (CTO), a former Ericsson engineer and current MBA candidate at MIT, and Jonathan Chen (Head of Operations), a blockchain veteran, with the overriding objective of accelerating mainstream NFT adoption and broadening access to the area.

Anyone can get custom NFTs through the platform’s ‘Creaticles contests,’ which operate on a Request for Proposal (RFP) approach, in which users submit an idea request to the platform’s roster of verified artists. Users can select their favourite NFT upon submission, and winning artists can be compensated in ETH or, in the future, CRE8 – Creaticles’ native utility currency. All NFTs purchased on the platform will be transferrable to all secondary markets, allowing artists to compound their earnings through future art sales.

Creaticles has grown rapidly since its August 2021 testnet debut, and was recognized as one of eight of the most promising projects in CoinList’s Fall 2021 Seed batch, out of a field of over 500 crypto projects. Following the launch of its mainnet in November 2021, the company raised $3.8 million USD in IDO on SushiSwap (MISO) – funds that will be used to expand the company’s personnel and conduct marketing operations. Creaticles recently announced a strategic relationship with Esports platform FirstBlood to facilitate NFT awards for Esports events, and the firm has already hosted successful NFT competitions for Axie Infinity, Harmony, MakerDAO, Polygon, Mask Network, and Pangolin.

CRE8, Creaticles’ native utility coin, serves a variety of purposes, including payment for art and premium placement, governance voting, commission awards, and staking. CRE8 is currently listed on Sushiswap,, and MEXC, with further exchange listings planned for the second and third quarters of 2022.

“Along with the rise of the Creator Economy, we’ve seen the NFT space as a whole increase dramatically in recent months,” said Jonathan Chen, Creaticles’ Head of Operations. At Creaticles, our goal is to accelerate the adoption of NFTs and to establish ourselves as the platform of choice for global artists wishing to enter the blockchain realm. Our database of verified artists continues to grow, and we are about to announce several significant partnerships that will allow these artists to promote their work and generate new revenue sources. We are overjoyed to have Kenny, Joe, Juergen, Sébastien, and Jeff join our Advisory Board as part of our holistic growth strategy.”

“Creaticles is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that actually returns power to creators, independent of secondary market selling,” Joe Zhou stated. When looking at Looksrare, sorare, and Opensea, the majority of NFTs have remained unchanged since their first listing. Indeed, many artists will be unable to recoup their initial petrol expenses associated with minting their collections. The next wave of NFT adoption will necessitate platforms such as Creaticles, which is why we are optimistic about the company’s objective.”

Juergen Hoebarth stated, “It seems as though every day, another household name brand announces their entry into the NFT industry, igniting an unstoppable surge of momentum.” Creaticles is positioned to seize a market-leading position in the developing NFT area by delivering a true ‘first of its kind’ service that will appeal with artists, crypto platforms, and new market entrants. I’m overjoyed to accompany them on this adventure!”

“The Creaticles team has discovered a significant market gap and built an interesting value proposition that will accelerate mainstream acceptance of NFTs and inspire the creation of new NFTs,” stated Kenny Li. Each cryptocurrency project now demands high-quality graphics to commemorate company milestones or to reward community members via contests, which have grown in popularity. This indicates that Creaticles joined the market at the optimal time. I’m honoured to join the company’s Advisory Board and look forward to contributing to the company’s continued success in the months ahead.”


Concerning Creaticles

Creaticles is the first custom NFT request platform in the blockchain sector, connecting corporations and individuals with creators. Any fan with an idea can order custom NFTs, and the artists who bring such ideas to reality earn reputation and bitcoins in exchange for their work. Users can participate in a variety of contests to ensure that their demands for NFTs — such as memes, logos, games, and web assets — are fulfilled. Please visit for additional details.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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