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Crypto Twitter comes together to raise money for a cancer patient in the community

The genuine influence of the crypto community was demonstrated when a fellow crypto user who was diagnosed with cancer received widespread support and financial contributions toward his treatment therapy.

When a valued member of the Deadfellas nonfungible token (NFT) community described the enormous financial burden of his cancer treatment, the crypto community showed its kindness and generosity by contributing over $73,000 in money.

In July 2021, Yopi, also known as @kuiyopi on Twitter, entered the crypto scene. During his 6-month chemotherapy treatment, he learned that crypto provided a pleasant distraction from his health problems, as well as moments of delight and fun. During this time, he enjoyed the content of crypto personalities like Cobie, opened up about his attempts to learn Spanish, and revelled in meme culture, all the while sending out empathetic messages, condolences, and visions to support fellow cancer sufferers in the community – even in a space where users’ identities are largely anonymous.

On April 6, however, he received some devastating news. An MRI scan of his right hip was performed by doctors at the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces Military Hospital, which revealed “infiltrative damage to the medullary bone of the upper and middle third of the right femoral diaphysis in connection with a recurrence.”

His cancer had returned, to put it in more plain and devastating terms. Doctors told Yopi that he needed stem cell transplant therapy, according to Yopi. Chemotherapy would normally be the first line of treatment in this situation, but having already completed a course, it was no longer an option.

Furthermore, the expected insurance premiums totaled $50,000, which a “amateur Ponzi shitcoins trader” just could not afford. In need of help, Yopi turned to the Crypto Twitter community, commenting that “Luck is the most crucial component in life that is the most disregarded,” adding that “people [ppl] prefer to give all the credit to their achievement but never confess they were lucky.”


To improve the readability of the results, Twitter user @halo4dog1 offered an English translation of the letter.

Yopi’s tweet, which was orchestrated by infamous DeFi investigator zachxbt, received massive support from some of the industry’s biggest names, including renowned NFT artist Cozomo — the real identity of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg — MoonOverlord, and President of FTX U.S. Brett Harrison, as well as TheShamdoo.

In the fourteen hours after his tweet, Yopi’s wallet, beastmo.eth, got a total of 107 transactions — 94 in ETH, 5 in USDT, 3 in USDC, 2 in DAI, 1 in WETH, 1 in LINK, and 1 in APE — according to blockchain data. These noble gestures increased his entire wallet balance to $74,268.60, which is more than 48.5 percent higher than his insurance bill, and is still climbing at the time of writing.

Yopi expressed his love and admiration for the crypto community in a series of emotional reactions, thanking them for their warmth and kindness. “Wow, this was incredible for me. I’m at a loss for words; I’m living in a dream and hoping to be reborn; I adore you guys.”



Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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