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Conflux eSpace is now supported by Celer Network

Using the Celer cBridge, users can now make low-cost cross-chain transactions from the Ethereum mainnet to Conflux eSpace and vice versa.

Conflux eSpace is integrated by Celer

Celer Network has added yet another blockchain to its cBridge solution. The protocol, which is geared to providing customers with a variety of blockchain interoperable options, has added Conflux eSpace bridging compatibility.

Users can now use the quick, reliable, and low-cost cBridge product to bridge assets across the Ethereum and Conflux networks. The Celer cBridge lets users to safely connect crypto assets between blockchains at a cheap cost. Celer will begin providing bridging support for Conflux eSpace with five assets before expanding to offer more assets in the future. Celer announced the integration to the general public on March 29 via its blog.

“Celer Network is excited to announce the successful implementation of bridging support for Conflux eSpace. Users can now bridge USDT, USDC, DAI, ETH, and WBTC between Ethereum and Conflux in a fast, secure, and low-cost fashion,” the protocol wrote. 


In the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, the Conflux network is a standout blockchain. Its support for multi-chain interoperability allows producers, communities, and markets to communicate with various projects. Furthermore, the blockchain has Proof-of-Work (PoW) security, true scalability, and low fees for users who want to take advantage of its unique features. The Conflux eSpace is a new EVM-compatible space backed by the Conflux core space.

Celer is committed to allowing users to use cBridge to perform cross-chain transfers between blockchains. Celer is creating a healthy ecosystem in the sector, with over 20 blockchains added, including the recently added EVM-compatible chains Clover and Conflux.

Celer’s Clover EVM-compatible chain integration can be found HERE. For more information on the Conflux integration, visit the Celer blog.

What is Celer Network

Celer Network is the industry’s most advanced inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform. The protocol allows for quick, secure, and low-cost chain bridging. Inter-chain Message Framework, cBridge, and Layer2.Finance are the three distinct products that make up the Celer ecosystem.

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