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Companies open offices in the metaverse

  • Companies have been leveraging the metaverse to push their enterprises into the digital realm, from online meetings to product demos.
  • In Google search, the term “metaverse” has seen a significant drop in popularity. Despite the fact that the buzz is fading, it appears that businesses are still eager to dip their toes into the virtual world.
  • Companies have created or announced plans to build metaverse offices for online meetings with overseas clients, internal innovation centres, and improving social communication with users just in March.
  • While we are only seeing early prototypes of metaverse offices, they appear to be a glimpse into the future of work. Let’s take a look at several companies that have lately entered the metaverse with this in mind.
  • Atom, a company that specializes in events, has opened a metaverse headquarters.
  • Atom, a Mumbai-based events company, just opened a metaverse office. The company bought digital space in Decentraland and plans to utilize it as a new means to communicate with its international clientele. It will also be used for future metaverse events, according to the business.
  • In an interview, Atom’s creative director, Yash Kulshreshtha, stated that the move intends to grow the company’s global operations and cater to younger generations. “Today’s youthful generation will find it entirely natural,” Kulshreshtha remarked.

The KuCoin exchange has been launched. Digital asset exchange KuCoin Meta Office KuCoin has opened a Bloktopia Digital Space-based office. The trading platform revealed its KuCoin Meta Office in a press statement. Visitors to the workspace will have access to an immersive metaverse experience as well as engaging social communication.

This milestone, according to KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu, aids in the adoption of the metaverse and blockchain. “KuCoin is looking into metaverse and blockchain technology application scenarios,” Lyu remarked.

Bjarke Ingels creates the world’s first virtual office.

Bjarke Ingels Group, a renowned architecture firm, collaborated with Vice Media’s creative studio Virtue Futures to develop a new metaverse workplace in Decentraland. The digital area, dubbed the “Vice Versa office,” will serve as a nexus for Vice Media Group staff.

Morten Grubak, a Virtue Futures executive, described the office as a “experimental playground” in an interview. According to Grubak, the office encourages its employees to try out nonfungible tokens, decentralised autonomous organizations, and Web3 technologies.

The Sandbox-based office will be launched by SCB 10x.

SCB 10x, Siam Commercial Bank’s venture arm, has announced plans to open a virtual office in The Sandbox. The office will open later in 2022, according to the statement, and will be utilized to communicate with the global community of builders.

Visitors to the digital workplace will be able to attend events, participate in product demonstrations, and explore specially designed surroundings in addition to connecting with the community.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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