Colombian Banks Shutter Accounts of Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchange

Colombian Banks Shutter Accounts of Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchange

Colombian banks have shut’s records, Alejandro Beltran, CEO of the digital money trade, reported. Banks Bancolombia, BBVA and Davivenda have all shut’s records, as indicated by

The nation’s Financial Supervisor already sent a notice cautioning monetary organizations about utilizing their stages to help digital currencies. The letter from Jorge Castano Gutierrez, Colombia’s money related director, said the elements under reconnaissance are not approved to halfway, monitor or contribute with these instruments.

Beltran said the notice was a notice and did not require activity.

Other digital money stages, for example, BitINKA and Panda Exchange have not detailed such issues.

Bank Offers No Explanation started seeing abnormalities with the Bancolombia stage on June 7, as indicated by Bank agents disclosed to they wiped out its items and offered no clarification. Withdrawals have been deferred, noted, and are required to be accessible by June 13.

The group said the banks’ activities influence the organization as well as clients trying to get to reserves in Colombian pesos. exhorted clients that their assets are secured and encouraged them not to stress.

Similar Action Taken In Chile encountered a comparative situation in Chile in March when the Chilean State Bank, Scotiabank, Banco Itau and seven different organizations said they would close digital currency financial balances because of inadequate direction. The banks made a similar move with the Orionx and CryptoMarket trades notwithstanding and CryptoMarket asked Chile’s keeping money affiliation, Asociacion de Bancos e Instituciones Financeria (ABIF), to issue an announcement giving an unmistakable position on cryptographic forms of money. The trades noticed that they work safe stages, have channels to work with neighborhood experts, take after hostile to tax evasion and against psychological oppressor financing guidelines and pay esteem included assessments.

ABIF reacted that the issue must be settled between the bank and its client.

Chile’s Court of Defense of free Competition requested the banks o revive the records following a three-month fight in court. The banks revived the records in late May.

Colombia Debates Digital Currencies

A verbal confrontation was as of late held in the Colombian Senate about blockchain innovations and advanced monetary forms. Amid the level headed discussion, went to by the National Banking Association, the Financial Superintendency and the Bank of the Republic, it was noticed that the state was in charge of caution about cryptographic money related dangers yet had done nothing to upset such tasks. has been dynamic in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, enabling clients to exchange bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.


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