Chainlink has launched a startup initiative to help early-stage projects with blockchain resources

Chainlink Labs’ mission is to “assist in the creation of a long-term Web3 ecosystem.”

Chainlink Labs recently unveiled a programme that would serve as a roadmap for new crypto projects as they embark on their blockchain business development journey.

According to the organisation, the Startup with Chainlink initiative will provide free information resources, community groups, and access to mentors from a pool of business and technical professionals to early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs.

It will give businesses access to scaling material, operations best practises, webinars, events, and community groups, according to David Post, a Chainlink Labs executive who contributed to the program’s creation. Top initiatives, on the other hand, will have greater access to resources such as mentors and venture investors. All of these are intended to aid emerging blockchain projects in their long-term survival.

“Startup with Chainlink assists entrepreneurs in getting it right from the start so that they may develop their operations sustainably and become long-term ecosystem contributors.”

While creating a crypto business is beneficial to the blockchain ecosystem, doing so incorrectly tarnishes the cryptocurrency. Apart from that, lack of knowledge might lead to staff resigning as soon as they notice red signs. As a result of these factors, materials from top specialists could be really beneficial.

Additionally, a starting assistance programme might assist projects in focusing on establishing new designs rather than reinventing old ones. “Despite the fact that there is a repeatable pattern for starting crypto enterprises,” Post explained, “far too often founders try to reinvent the wheel on important design decisions.”

Post also feels that the program will have a favourable impact on the entire blockchain community. “The consequence is a more linked blockchain ecosystem focused on long-term initiatives with deeper community links,” he stated. The stability and power of individual projects will contribute to the creation of a long-lasting Web3 ecosystem that benefits people all over the world.”

The Sandbox established a startup accelerator program in January with the goal of investing in 30 to 40 firms per year. The firm teamed up with Brinc, a startup accelerator, to invest in promising ventures and provide access to high-profile mentors.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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