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Cardano Price Explodes! Don’t miss ADA reaching $2 in the near future; here’s why

In our previous Cardano price prediction, we discussed the conditions necessary for the Cardano price to climb. Prices have since followed our forecast, increasing by an additional +/- 25%. Today, prices are approaching the critical $1.30 pricing zone. Given that this objective is nearing completion, let’s take a look at how Cardano is faring. The likelihood is that the price will shortly return to $2. We at Bitcoin Support will provide you with a forecast for the Cardano price!

Will Cardano’s price continue to rise?

On the weekly chart of the Cardano price, we can observe that the price is now stuck at a resistance level (+/- $1.20). Due to the fact that the most recent weekly candle failed to break through the barrier, care should now be maintained. However, if we look at the indicators, we can see that the MACD indicator has completed a bullish crossover. This crossing frequently results in price increases, which is why we are now assuming price increases. The RSI is in neutral territory. This indicates that neither the price is overbought nor underbought. Given the indicators’ strong outlook for the Cardano price, we anticipate a climb to $1.50 within two weeks. That is the next point of resistance.

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Can Cardano hit $2 in the near future?

To be sure, we are adamant that ADA pricing can approach $2. In our earlier article on price prediction, we stated that this aim is extremely likely to occur. However, we discussed a few objectives that needed be accomplished first. We previously discussed the $1.3 pricing range.

Prices are already approaching that target, and a new one should be established. This level corresponds to the $1.5 price zone. Cardano’s price approaching $2 should be considered feasible. The only thing that remains is for the $1.5 resistance to be broken. If this barrier level is broken, the path to the $2 level becomes clear. Around $2.30 is where the golden pocket of the complete downturn is located. Additionally, there is horizontal resistance. As a result, the price might yet surge another 30% once it reaches the $2 level.

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Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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