Can India really ban bitcoin? Is it possible at all to do so?

Can India really ban bitcoin Is it possible at all to do so

By Pareen Lathia

Like clockwork, we hear that bitcoin has been prohibited by some nation or the other. As right on time as 2013, bitcoin was “prohibited” by Thailand. In 2017, it was huge news when China prohibited bitcoin and the most recent news conveys a boycott by the Indian Reserve Bank.

The issue is this news is horribly deceptive in light of the fact that it is essentially impractical to boycott bitcoin, or any cryptographic money so far as that is concerned.

Bitcoin’s value a year ago was floating around $1,000 check while at the present time, it is in the $9,000 territory. This is despite the every one of the bans. This does not fit into any market rationale. Yet, that is the magnificence of digital currencies. They don’t fit into customary administrative or saving money structure. An alternate standpoint is expected to see how they function and why they were made in any case.


This is on account of bitcoin and most cryptographic forms of money that keep running on Blockchain innovation are decentralized. It implies they don’t keep running on one server or URL or IP address. These virtual monetary standards keep running on numerous hubs that can be possessed and keep running by anybody and are normally spread over the globe. There is no main issue for the administrations to assault or square.

This is fundamentally the same as Torrent convention. It is distributed. At the least complex level, on the off chance that I hold bitcoin in my wallet and exchange it to your wallet, it is extremely unlikely any legislature can square it since this section of move is recorded in an appropriated record.

What has RBI done?

Anyway, what is this boycott? On the off chance that you read the RBI roundabout, they have never utilized the words “boycott” relating to bitcoins. It has just kept any association directed by the national bank to manage organizations that have anything to do with cryptographic forms of money. For all intents and purposes, this implies banks should stop stores and withdrawals to and from Indian rupee on digital currency trades. This news spread broadly and was viewed as a “prohibition on bitcoin”

Aside from this, the RBI has issued a few admonitions about tricks and dangers identified with digital forms of money. It had additionally said there would be a crackdown on the illicit utilization of such cryptos.

In any case, brokers are as yet purchasing and offering digital forms of money under a three-month see period that was issued to all trades. Indeed, even from that point onward, the RBI or the administration can’t in fact boycott bitcoin. Likewise, in the most recent occasion, the Delhi High Court has just tested this round calling it “unlawful” and the zenith bank needs to exhibit the premise of this limitation on banks to the court.

Practical implications

Different nations like China and the US have effectively had a go at prohibiting trades, ICOs and mining of digital forms of money. Despite the fact that those occasions in 2017 made the cost of bitcoin fall briefly, it went ahead to top at $19,783 on December 17.

Since a large portion of the exchanging occurs on universal trades, forbidding Indian bourses will just influence Indians to purchase digital forms of money from remote sources or OTC (over the counter) choices since it is basically impractical to track purchasing, exchanging or offering of cryptographic forms of money.

Bans in different nations like Japan have likewise brought about trades moving base to nations with friendlier large scale situations like Malta and Estonia. This has just brought about misfortune as far as assessments for the administrations of threatening nations.

For everybody who is holding any coins, they would exchange it to a wallet or a global trade and after that offer it for USD and change over USD to INR. This equitable damages India since we won’t have the capacity to charge this wage if this is done in real money. Likewise, such a situation exists just until the point when the time lovers can’t purchase much with cryptographic money.

However, there are destinations that are as of now tolerating cryptographic money as a method of installment. As more tokens develop and have genuine use, it will be hard to keep them under control.

With bitcoin, we have seen the Streisand Effect in play – which implies the more governments attempt to boycott it, the more famous it gets, the more news, the more scope.


The best way to approach this adventure is direction, where checks are set up to guarantee clients aren’t tricked, tax assessment on benefits and a time where trades take after KYC standards and legitimate compliances are set up. That would make it considerably more secure for Indian subjects to purchase, exchange and benefit from this transformation and be instructed about its dangers.

In February 2018, the US government has called for between departmental collaboration and apportioned assets with the intend to make new enactment to represent virtual monetary standards.

There is likewise an open door for our nation to end up the Switzerland of the following century. In the event that one government were to diminish charges from exchanging of digital forms of money, the measure of crypto cash to come in that nation would be mind-boggling.

This may appear like a pipedream, yet Malta is now going down this way and drawing in major Blockchain players, including the biggest universal trade as of now with benefits of in excess of 200 million USD – more than benefits of numerous conventional banks.

Each administration needs to boycott it since it undermines the energy of Fiat cash – US dollar, Indian rupee and so forth. However, every administration has attempted and fizzled and in 2018, it is acknowledged that there will be control as opposed to bans.

The point of creating bitcoin

A ton of devotees of bitcoin consider it to be an approach to free ourselves from the control of governments and the monetary framework. The fact is to take out the requirement for printing cash and all the more essentially, banks. In this way, banks moving out of the condition is a reason for festivity in the group as opposed to seen as an awful thing.

As nations think about control and laws, the digital currency advertise top continues taking off each year. As it’s been said, nothing is more effective than a thought whose time has come.


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