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Call for Better Customer Service for Cryptocurrency

Customers expect a greater level of service in 2022, which is expected to be a record year for user onboarding.

The Call for Better Customer Service

“Lose your crypto, and there’s no one to help you,” is a popular cliche. Another way to put it is that “customer service in crypto is non-existent.” Cryptocurrency companies are notorious for their bad customer service. Simply put, the industry must increase its customer service standards as the business advances forward in 2022 (e.g., Binance Smart Chain has a 1 billion user objective).

In general, the absence of intermediaries is one of the most appealing features of cryptography. Some of the most well-known organisations have shown a lack of respect for customers because there is no regulation in place.

The customer service reputations of major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are ludicrous. Both exchanges have a reputation for long wait times and ineffectiveness in many cases.

IMG 11

As a result of multiple issues stemming from Coinbase’s very appalling customer support, the problem reached a boiling point in the summer of 2021. VP of Customer Experience Casper Sorensen wrote a letter in July explaining why things have been going so wrong:

“When there is heightened interest in the crypto space, we see an influx of support inquiries from both existing and new customers. We realize that many of you are experiencing delays in our response time,” Sorensen wrote. “This is not the experience we want for you, our customers.”

Maintaining and enhancing the cryptocurrency industry’s good name can be made easier with a well-trained and well-resourced customer care response team. The industry can’t expect all newcomers to have the same level of understanding.

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Frequently, customers are left with no recourse when confronted with circumstances that may be resolved. The phone numbers for a few protocols are scarce. Most of the time, users are shuffled into obscure Telegram groups where they are required to praise moderators in a never-ending round of praise.

In addition to user education, the reputation of the industry is based on the seriousness with which these exchanges help address difficulties down to the smallest projects. I’m fine with how crypto natives have been treated if this is the case. If an industry adopts new standards, then let them carry the scars of an industry that uses tutorials, FAQs and 24/7 Support as the norm for significant projects.

Increasing numbers of first-time users are venturing into web3’s murky waters, and the crypto industry must do more to accommodate these newcomers. As the aim of widespread adoption approaches, customer service will need to take on a more significant role.

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