Bud Light will provide physical glasses inspired by Nouns NFTs to NFT holders

Bud Light has produced over 12,000 NFTs, each priced at $399, to commemorate the debut of its new beer brand N3XT, and it’s now giving NFT holders something new: Nouns-inspired specs.

Actual spectacles, to be precise.

Bud Light, which last year bought a hand-drawn beer rocket NFT for 8 ETH (about $26,000 at the time) and registered the domain beer.eth, revealed on Saturday that each “N3XT NFT Collection HODLer” can receive a “very genuine” set of glasses inspired by the brand’s next Super Bowl ad.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens that are connected to specific digital (and sometimes physical) assets via smart contracts.

The Nouns NFT collection debuted in August, with only one NFT produced and sold per day. Many have sold their Nouns for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Ethereum, which is subsequently pooled into the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), which is supervised by Nouns holders.


Budweiser received a Nouns NFT from the Nouns Foundation last month, which purchased it for 127 ETH (about $394,000 at the time). That was part of a proposal from Nouns DAO on January 16 that included the prospect of “Noun glasses in a Super Bowl commercial and on real beverage cans” for the beer brand. Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad, which debuted this week, features a pair of Nouns spectacles for a brief moment.


This is just one of numerous crypto advertisements and NFT mentions that will air during Super Bowl 56 on Sunday.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research. 

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