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Bitmain forms a 500MW joint venture with Merkle Standard, a sustainable Bitcoin miner

It’s a good thing that Merkle Standard and Bitmain are working together to make Bitcoin mining more environmentally friendly. Merkle Standard is a group of mostly hydro-powered Bitcoin miners.

Bitmain, which is based in Beijing, has teamed up with a US-based Bitcoin miner called Merkle Standard. Merkle Standard will give Bitmain money, expertise, and parts.

Bitmain will help Merkle Standard build up to 500 MW of clean digital mining infrastructure in Eastern Washington as part of the joint venture.

In the world of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitmain is a well-known name. Bitmain is best known for its Antminer brand, which is the name of the popular Bitcoin ASIC miners the S9 and S19. It claims to be a carbon-conscious BTC miner that wants to become carbon neutral by the end of this year. Merkle Standard will be able to put up to 150,000 Bitmain mining machines thanks to the deal.

Cointelegraph spoke with Ruslan Zinurov, CEO of Merkle Standard, and he said that the partnership with Bitmain will help Merkle Standard grow quickly. It will help them build one of North America’s largest and most sustainable digital asset mining platforms.

One of the people at Merkle Standard who is in charge of strategy is Josh Zappala. In another piece, he talked about how BTC mining improves the social fabric of local communities. “With the goal of becoming one of the largest employers in the area,” the joint venture will bring “35–50 full-time jobs” to the site, while “supporting local business.” In an interview, he said:

“Due to the flexible characteristics of the data center’s power load, we are suited to be the ideal power consumer for our power providers and look forward to providing additional support to the community.”

Merkle Standard’s move shows that other Bitcoin miners around the world are becoming more environmentally friendly. During the fourth quarter of 2021, the Bitcoin Mining Council said that 58.5 percent of its energy came from renewable sources, and that waste heat is being used to dry wood.

According to the press release, the first phase of building a data centre at the Merkle Standard headquarters in Eastern Washington has begun. By the second quarter of 2022, the 225MW site will grow to 500MW.

Bitmain’s S19J Pro, S19 XP, and S19+ hydrominers, as well as “various expansion locations” in 2022, are the new machines that will be used in Eastern Washington. Finally, CEO Zinurov wants to “achieve industry-leading power efficiency.” This joint venture is part of that goal.

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