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Bitcoin miner uses flowers to heat greenhouses in the Netherlands

The term “Dutch oven” takes on new meaning after a greenhouse in the Netherlands was heated by Bitcoin miner waste heat.

Bitcoin (BTC) mining produces a significant amount of “waste” heat. Miners have devised inventive ways to recycle the heat generated by solving legitimate Bitcoin blocks as energy prices in Europe spiral out of control.

While a miner in Norway is drying wood from a local timber mill, a miner in the Netherlands is heating greenhouses to grow produce and blossom “Bitcoin flowers” across the North Sea.

Bitcoin Bloem mines Bitcoin and buds flowers in greenhouses in the province of North Braband, southeast of Rotterdam, in a win-win cooperation between a Dutch farmer and a Bitcoin miner.

Bitcoin Bloem mines BTC in the farmer’s greenhouses and pays the electricity bill; the farmer receives free heat to cultivate his crops. Consider the “Bitcoin flowers,” for which Bitcoin Bloem sells the cream in the coffee to the environmentally friendly company.

The operation “reduces the usage of natural gas” in the greenhouse growth process, according to Bert de Groot, the founder of Bitcoin Bloem, because Bitcoin miner heat replaces polluting gas heaters.

Furthermore, using BTC miners to generate heat saves both the farmer and Bitcoin Bloem money. Because natural gas prices have “skyrocketed,” mining heat makes sense for the farmer. They get access to cheaper electricity for Bitcoin Bloem.

De Groot claimed the Netherlands may “be an optimum place for Bitcoin mining” in the future when asked if the country could welcome additional BTC miners.

“The majority of large-scale data centres of digital giants, such as Google and Facebook, are located in the Netherlands because there is an abundance of cooling water and cheap electricity for large-scale operations.”

The “Texas solution” would be “interesting to roll out in the Netherlands,” he added. The Texas method is based on “load balancing” and collaborating with local governments to control power consumption.

The Netherlands is currently a relatively stringent European country when it comes to bitcoin activities. Grassroots efforts such as Domino’s franchises offering BTC wage top-ups and Dutch football clubs endorsing Satoshi’s idea, on the other hand, are gaining traction.

“White Rabbit” and “Blue Pill” are the names of the flowers sold by Bitcoin Bloem. “We offer you flowers for your Bitcoin because your bitcoin is a waste of energy too,” the website says, in a jab at the energy FUD that is often flung at Bitcoin.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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