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Bitcoin may improve the opportunity for cooperation

Bitcoin may be our only option for incentivizing cooperation as Western countries strive to restrict free expression and protest.

As the swamp of an ever growing amorphous supranational Totalitarian order tries to put him to death, the Common Man is seeking to make his voice heard in a variety of ways. Whether it’s leveraging his capacity to take up space to force those in power to recognise his valid grievances or simply trying to have a dialogue in order to gain a better understanding of the landscape, the state is there to put him in his place in a variety of ways.

Those taking part in the peaceful Freedom Convoy in Canada are being dubbed domestic terrorists who do not deserve to be able to bank.

Anyone who seeks out opinions from people who aren’t found within the halls of the mainstream corporate press and medical establishment in the United States (and abroad) is called an unstable quack undeserving of having their thoughts aired to the rest of the world.

Those who are fed up with being arbitrarily imprisoned in their homes are flocking to the streets in Australia, only to be met by high-powered military equipment that might potentially tamper with their DNA structure.

Despite the fact that no American or other citizen living inside the borders of a country that purports to be a member of NATO wants to go to war with Russia, the US and some other NATO countries appear hell-bent on forcing the matter.

Everywhere you look, the “Western democracies” that the rest of the world holds up as models are showing to be completely terrible institutions deserving of scorn, derision, and public humiliation.

Nonetheless, the corporate press and those fooled enough to swallow their lies continue unabated along the path to anti-human authoritarianism. Your Uncle Marty isn’t sure if they feel they are virtuous or if they are so sociopathic that they know how to put on a poker face that fools people into thinking they are.

It’s truly terrible.

Let us hope that by adopting a worldwide sound money based on Bitcoin, we may achieve a more peaceful world by increasing the incentive for collaboration and decreasing the motive for dominance. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it appears to be a much better way of thinking than the one that now dominates our culture.

Love and peace.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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