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The horns will continue to blare until the mood improves. To put pressure on the ruling class and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a group of supply chain, working-class heroes have marched to the streets of Canada, blasting the air with relentless blasts from their large trucks. In an exposure-based regimen, Trudeau distanced himself from the media and the cacophonous convoy after a few days. Given his triple vaccination status, according to his own official government health officials, this treatment was unnecessary. Trudeau announced on the last day of January, less than a week after the convoy’s tip breached the Canadian capital, that he had tested positive, had relocated himself from Ottawa, and was currently working in a remote spot outside of the protesters’ and their honking grounds.

Later that afternoon, our northern brethren’s healthy-looking leader published a video of himself speaking outside a residential house, emphasizing that these demonstrators do not represent Canada. He went so far as to say that many people at home were “watching in disgust and bewilderment at this behavior, asking how this could have happened.” He notably declared earlier in this public health communications disaster that people opposed to vaccine passports and border regulations were “a small, fringe minority” with “inappropriate ideas.” Despite the obvious alarm that should be felt by all when a leader of a democratic, free speech-protected country declares views on citizens’ bodily autonomy and right to assemble to be unacceptable, perhaps even more troubling is the outright misinformation and propagandized misrepresentation of the scope of this protest.

According to “Guinness World Records,” the world’s longest truck convoy was only 7.5 kilometers long in Egypt in 2020, with 480 trucks. According to Benjamin Ditcher, a spokesman for the convoy, the self-described Freedom Convoy is about a magnitude longer at 70 kilometers, extending from British Columbia to Ottawa. An estimated 35,000 to 50,000 vehicles are taking part in this working-class protest against the new COVID-19 vaccine mandates being implemented at the US-Canada border. These new laws make it impossible for truckers, who are the backbone of our supply chains and the lifeblood of national and international trade that we all rely on for goods, medicines, food, and other essential components of a healthy, open economy, to cross the border freely and thus function properly.

While the mandates are frequently defended on the basis of their medical benefits, they are in direct opposition to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the otherwise open borders between North American countries; many appear to believe that they are only being used as a means of stifling free trade and the working class. We are not a science journal, and neither the editor, publisher, nor the author are qualified to speak on medical issues, but we can see the inconsistency and hypocrisy in these laws, which have unjust and unprecedented effects on both the working class involved in the trucking industry, as well as the many citizens who will feel the pressures of a tighter supply chain down the road.

An eight-figure GoFundMe campaign was started to feed and pay the truckers for missed pay while they occupy the nation’s capital and pepper the night sky with horns from their eighteen-wheelers, and it has become one of the most significant stories of this workers’ revolution against the bio-medical surveillance state. Before the centralising figures behind the website chose to suspend the fund and prevent further money contributed by fellow working-class believers in the cause from making its way into the hands and bellies of the convoy, the GoFundMe account topped $10 million [CAD]. Even more frustrating, the Canadian media has made references to government threats to use some of the monies to pay for “damages suffered” by the convoy to the capital. Of course, there are no losses to be compensated for, nor are there any injuries, fatalities, or arrests of protestors who journeyed to the capital. “Bitcoin fixes this,” to paraphrase an adage that has lost its charm due to repetition.

When the political movements driving specific causes are not aligned with the centralized governing bodies of the platform, the payment rails and processing services that are at the core of the model are ripe for the taking. Thousands of convoy cohorts and their financial supporters across the continent could, should, and are using the peer-to-peer, translucent nature of Bitcoin transactions.

Not only could the Bitcoin network be used to create a catch-all address for funds sent from all over the world, but it could also be used to distribute funds to the tens of thousands of truckers protesting the border restriction in order to prolong their efforts until their demands are heard and hopefully met by Canadian leaders. Despite the slander from the country’s professed anti-fascist, pro-worker progressive party, this is actually a workers’ revolution, and every workers’ revolution has been greatly influenced by the financial underpinnings of the time; this time is no exception.

The strain on the supply system, as well as the inflationary impacts of significant monetary expansion in both Canadian and US currency supplies, will only be exacerbated by this demonstration, and the convoy’s ability to keep fed and financially sustained will likely be the determining factor in its success.

Recently, we spoke with an organizer known as NobodyCaribou to learn more about the movement: “”I’m either leaving here in a police car, a funeral, or I get my freedom,” one of the truckers told me today, and that’s the kind of long haul energy we have.”

The physical realities of the protest pieces may be lost on the public; the powerful, logistical infrastructure of supply chain masters allows for fluidity in diesel refueling, food distribution, and cash delegation without the need for formal coordination. These are folks who are willing and capable of enduring a war of attrition, many of whom have prepared their enormous rigs for sleeping and living quarters, and who have the stamina of desire to muse about “how great it’ll be when the days are longer in the summer.”

The protestors’ main demand is that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom be restored, notably the provision that proclaims “the freedom to exit, enter, or move around the country without hindrance.” NobodyCaribou sought to emphasize and focus the blame on the unnamed prime minister, as well as the impediment of free movement in violation of Canadian citizens’ and employees’ bodily liberty.

Due to the overwhelming manipulation and disorganized protest its adherents, two figureheads of the campaign, a vaccinated Jewish man named Benjamin Dichter and Tamara Lich, an indigenous woman of the Métis, have stopped letting mainstream media attend meetings and pressers. Because they have been misrepresented as a violent, racist, and disruptive mob, the great majority of truckers have began to use their phones to “be the media” and self-police the convoy. The ethos of these operations, according to NobodyCaribou, is “if you observe something that doesn’t line with truth, peace, and love; speak it out!” “Do not engage with those you believe are evil actors,” he added.

The truckers’ suspicion of the few pieces of reportage that have made it to newsstands around the world has prompted them to self-regulate, resulting in a joyful energy of celebration for freedom thus far. Truckers have found themselves with plenty of time in between blasts of horns and daily rounds to arm themselves with the instruments of financial freedom, with many renowned Canadian Bitcoiners, like as Jeff Booth and Greg Foss, donating satoshis and access to educational materials. This is a true partnership of Canadians, French Canadians, Indigenous peoples, Americans, and many other demographics of freedom-loving people joining together in unity, love, and peace to simply demand the protection of their natural and legal rights.

“You can’t stop truth, peace, and love,” NobodyCaribou reminds us.” Everyone of us can do our part in standing alongside the working class in their fight for human rights, just like the children and families seen picking up trash and handing out coffee, just like the few Bitcoin educators pooling funds and materials, just like the truckers themselves making themselves heard with their horns and seen with their shining 18-wheelers. has donation rails, wallet addresses, press releases, news updates, and more for both protesters in Ottawa and those of us at home who want to support and learn more. “Canada is strong, because you are strong,” Justin Trudeau remarked.





Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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