Bitcoin ETF Proposals Withdrawn After SEC Pushback

Bitcoin ETF Proposals Withdrawn After SEC Pushback

A few firms trying to list trade exchanged assets (ETFs) attached to bitcoin have pulled back their filings at the demand of authorities from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Direxion Shares ETF Trust, Exchange Listed Funds Trust and ProShares Trust all recorded to make trade exchanged items in the previous month. However prominently, none of the proposed offerings would have held bitcoin straightforwardly – rather, their value developments would have been driven by changes in the still-beginning business sector for bitcoin fates.

In letters dated Jan. 8, Direxion and ELF pulled back their solicitations, refering to criticism from the SEC.

As Angela Brickl, Direxion’s secretary, composed:

On a call with the Staff on January 5, 2018, the Staff expressed concerns regarding the liquidity and valuation of the underlying instruments in which the Fund intends to primarily invest and requested that the Trust withdraw the Amendment until such time as these concerns are resolved. In response to the Staff’s request, the Trust respectfully requests withdrawal of the Amendment.

ProShares’ letter, dated Jan. 9, incorporates comparative dialect. “This ask for withdrawal is being made in light of a demand from the Staff,” Richard Morris, general advice and secretary for ProShares, composed.

The planning of these withdrawals is prominent, given that the SEC just discharged two other administer change recommendations which could take into account a bitcoin ETF a week ago. Those recommendations, documented by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), would absolved its proposed ETFs from a few market control rules which represent customary resources. The SEC is looking for open contribution on the recommendations.

Both of the proposed decide changes take note of that bitcoin does not carry on like conventional resources.

While the SEC has discharged the Cboe recommendations for open remark, it has a more extended history of squeezing for bitcoin ETF proposition withdrawals. A few associations killed their ETF endeavors a year ago at the demand of the organization – in the meantime, no less than two of these recommendations were denied on the grounds that bitcoin fates contracts did not exist at the time.


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