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The entrepreneur, futurist, and technologist believes Bitcoin has the ability to uplift every human being on the planet.


According to serial entrepreneur, technologist, New York Times best-selling book, and TED Speaker Peter Diamandis stated in an interview that bitcoin equals abundance and can uplift every man, woman, and kid on the planet.

“Bitcoin is digitized cash and energy,” Diamandis said. “It will dematerialize a lot of institutions, demonetize, and democratize access to this.” “We’ll have regulatory and institutional issues for a long time, but there will be a tipping point at which it will be irreversible.”

Diamandis explained that exponential breakthroughs in various areas of society have historically shared a set of characteristics, including the ability to be deceptive, disruptive, and digitized at first, allowing them to demonetize, dematerialize, and democratize old technology in favor of new developments.

He went on to say, “Capital is energy, bitcoin is energy, it’s all energy.” “It’s about putting that energy to good use, and a lot of what I do is about making the world a better place.” I firmly believe that the world’s most pressing issues are also the world’s most promising economic prospects.”

Diamandis claimed he’d always been fascinated by space and space travel, and despite attending Harvard Medical School after earning degrees in molecular genetics and aeronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he aspired to be an astronaut.

Diamandis learnt through his network at the time, while in Medical School, that astronauts don’t travel to space as frequently as he had assumed. Only half of astronauts get to go to space, and those who do only get to do so twice in their careers on average, a revelation that prompted Diamandis to pursue space exploration in the private sector.

Diamandis launched Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) to allow individuals to experience zero gravity on a specially adapted Boeing 727 airplane for around 25 seconds. In 2007, Diamandis and Zero-Geven flew Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist and the world’s foremost authority on gravity, to see firsthand the principles of physics that he had spent his life studying.

Diamandis also launched the XPRIZE Foundation, which attempted to encourage private space exploration by offering a $10 million reward for the construction of a ship with private funding that could transport three individuals up to 100 kilometers in altitude, land, and repeat the voyage in two weeks. SpaceShipOne won the XPRIZE in 2004, and Richard Branson eventually licensed the spaceship’s technology to form Virgin Galactic.

Today, XPRIZE has launched more than $300 million in global competitions to address humanity’s most pressing issues, ranging from collaborating with Elon Musk to launch a $100 million prize to combat climate change through gigaton carbon removal, to focusing on longevity and creating a $100 million prize to address age reversal.

“There are two, maybe three natural linkages to Bitcoin,” Diamandis said, pointing to his present pursuit for medical and scientific breakthroughs that could help humans live longer lives. “What store of value are you employing to keep your riches over the course of a century?”

Diamandis first heard about Bitcoin in 2010 and 2011, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he did a deep dive into the digital currency. He announced shortly after that he would sell all of his gold to buy bitcoin in a blog post.

“I like Michael Saylor’s way of putting it, and I believe Bitcoin equals abundance in many respects,” Diamandis added. “As we work to lift up every man, woman, and child, they will be unable to build wealth or hope for a better future unless they have access to a financial system that is available and accessible to them regardless of the regime in power.”

As society goes off planet Earth to conquer other planets, Diamandis believes Bitcoin has a “first in line opportunity” to become the dominant currency in space.

“I believe we’ll see a big number of populations and individuals adopt [bitcoin], and we’ll see pioneers like Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey who will be on the front lines,” Diamandis said.

He went on to say, “The old guard will either fall in line or be disrupted.”


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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