Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to struggle near their highs, while ATOM and ZEC rise

The price of bitcoin is still battling to break through the USD 45,000 resistance level.
XRP is hovering below USD 0.80, while Ethereum is struggling near USD 3,050.
ATOM and ZEC are both up approximately 6%.
Bitcoin price tried an upside break above the USD 45,000 resistance. BTC reached a high of USD 45,200, but it was met with sellers near USD 45,350, and it is presently down 2% in a day. It is currently trading below USD 43,500 (04:17 UTC), with USD 43,000 acting as major support.

Most big altcoins are also encountering opposition. ETH is failing to gain traction above USD 3,020 and is currently down nearly 4%. XRP has broken below near USD 0.80 and is now correcting downward. ADA fell below USD 0.95 and reached a low of USD 0.92.

Market capitalization in total

screenshot 2022 03 03 at 06 29 39 crypto market cap and defi market cap charts tradingview

Bitcoin’s value

Bitcoin price encountered resistance near USD 45,350 after moving above USD 45,000. BTC has corrected lower after failing to stay above USD 45,000. A move below the USD 44,200 and USD 44,000 levels occurred. Near the USD 43,200 mark, there is instant support. The next major support level is near USD 43,000, below which the price may drop to USD 42,500.

On the upside, the price is coming up against resistance near USD 44,200. The critical resistance mark remains above USD 45,000, above which the price may begin to rise more rapidly.

The cost of Ethereum

The price of Ethereum tried but failed to close above USD 3,000. Near USD 3,040 and USD 3,050, ETH encountered sellers. It is currently stabilising below USD 3,000. On the downside, a first level of support can be found near USD 2,900. The next major support level is near USD 2,850, below which the price may fall to USD 2,750.

To gain momentum on the upswing, the market must settle above the USD 3,000 resistance. The next pivot level could be near the USD 3,050 level.

Price of ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) began a downtrend and traded below the USD 0.95 support level. It is now fighting to maintain a price above USD 0.92. The bears may potentially push the market below USD 0.90 if there is a negative break.

BNB has been consolidating gains above USD 400. Near the USD 412 mark, there is instant resistance. The important resistance level is USD 425, above which the price may continue to rise.

Sellers appeared when Solana (SOL) tested the USD 105 level. The price fell below USD 100 after a correction. The next significant support level is near USD 95, below which the price could hit USD 88.

DOGE was unable to break through the USD 0.142 obstacle. Below the USD 0.135 barrier, there was a bearish reaction. If the bears keep pushing, the price could fall below the USD 0.130 support level.

The price of XRP has been trading below the USD 0.78 support level. It is now clinging to the USD 0.75 support level. If there is a break to the negative, the price might drop to USD 0.712.

Today’s market for other altcoins

ATOM, FTM, ZEC, CRV, ANC, and ROSE are among the cryptocurrencies that have gained more than 4%. ANC gained 19 percent and is now trading above the USD 4.5 barrier. At the same time, ATOM and ZEC both increased by roughly 6%, reaching USD 33 and USD 126, respectively. ATOM has also increased by 31% in the last week, while ZEC has increased by 29%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is still battling to break over the main barrier level of USD 45,000. If BTC fails to stay above USD 43,000 in the short term, it may begin a larger negative drop.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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