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Bandai Namco is working on a ‘Gundam Metaverse’ for Gundam fans

  • Bandai Namco is preparing to unveil its Mobile Suit Gundam Metaverse metaverse.
  • The project will cost $15 billion, or $130 million, and will include games, films, live music, and other stuff in the virtual world.
  • The metaverse project will be handled by BNE, which previously collaborated with Genies to build PAC-MAN NFTs.

Bandai Namco, a Japanese video game and toy firm, is planning a metaverse starring the revered mechas and other characters from its long-running franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.

More firms from various industries, particularly the gaming industry, are transitioning to digital and virtual platforms to mitigate the consequences of the global health crisis while increasing profits and future-proofing their businesses, according to the news released last month.

Bandai Namco will invest $15 billion, or $130 million, in the “Mobile Suit Gundam Metaverse,” a virtual universe. The metaverse will have games, videos, live music, and other types of material, all of which will be linked to Bandai Namco Group-managed physical locations. This includes places like gaming arcades and toy stores.

Users, or their avatars, will be able to attend concerts and speak with one another via automatic translation in the metaverse. Gunplas (Gundam plastic models), one of the company’s most popular goods, may also be purchased in the metaverse and delivered to users’ real houses.

Bandai Namco Entertainment (BNE), the digital business branch of the Bandai Namco Group, will be in charge of the metaverse project, which has been developing its company in the virtual world. BNE worked with avatar creation startup Genies to launch the PAC-MAN NFT early last year.

Bandai Namco’s client database will be built with the $15 billion metaverse budget.

Meanwhile, until March 13, Bandai’s “Road to Gunpla Battle” display is open in Gundam Port Yokohama. By scanning Gunplas and pitting them against other Gunplas in a virtual arena, the team hopes to make them move.

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