Axie Infinity is featured in Nas Daily’s Crypto Week series

Jeffery “Jihoz” Zirlin, a co-founder of Axie Infinity, discusses the potential of PlayToEarn blockchain video games powered by NFT.

In Web3 GameFi, that’s one minute. Axie Infinity, a PlayToEarn blockchain game, has been featured as part of a Crypto Week Series on Nuseir Yassin’s website, Nas Daily, an internet video blogger known for recording one-minute videos for a thousand days straight.

It was Jihoz, the growth lead at Axie Infinity, who appeared in the show’s third episode to discuss how blockchain technology might assist to transform the internet’s future while also providing value to game producers and players.

To begin, Nas declared: “This is an insane video because this man right here (Jihoz) designed a new type of game that will shatter your mind.” There is nothing to gain by playing a game for a long time. It’s even worse that the coders of the game don’t see much of a return on their investment.

The movie shows how app shops and publishers, the so-called “middlemen” in the existing structure of the industry, take 50 percent of game revenues. The vast majority of donations do not even reach the game’s creators, and as a result, gamers receive nothing.

It’s the app shops and publishers that, according to Jihoz, are sucking far too much value from the game ecosystems. In our opinion, players and game developers who put in the most time and effort should be rewarded with the majority of the value.

After introducing the Axie Infinity community and displaying AxieLima’s Axie Infinity tattoo, Nas went on to explain how NFT gaming works using Axie Infinity as an example. Only 20% of Axie Infinity’s assets are owned by Sky Mavis; the remaining 80% are owned by the community.

AxieLima gushed, “I’m so grateful to be a part of a magnificent endeavour that’s changing the world,” she stated enthusiastically. Everybody in the community has my entire respect and admiration. “The community means the world to us,” they say.

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On Nas Daily’s Crypto Week Series, Axie Infinity was also featured. Another Filipino-based content maker was featured in a previous episode by Nuseir Yassin. To make ends meet, KooKoo worked at a fast food restaurant and drove an Uber. He even had to drop out of college since the costs were too high for him to bear.

To make learning Axie Infinity and earning from PlayToEarn easier for gamers, KooKoo turned to Axie Infinity and put his experience and knowledge to good use. On Nas Academy, he has teamed with Yassin and now teaches a beginner’s course called Axie Infinity via KooKoo Crypto TV.

People can get into crypto through Axie Infinity, according to the Axie Infinity team. With the help of Nas Academy and Axie Influencer, the goal of KooKu Crypto TV is becoming a reality.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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