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Austin’s SXSW 2022: NFTs everywhere

Companies from Doodles to luxurious car manufacturer Porsche provided NFT-themed amusement to the hundreds of attendees acting as individuals in Texas over the weekend.

South through Southwest, one of Austin’s largest gala’s with reveals from tech industry leaders, films, and musical acts, kicked off its first weekend — and the theme for many appeared to be nonfungible tokens, or NFTs.

From Friday to Sunday, groups from Doodles to luxury car manufacturer Porsche supplied NFT-themed exhibits to the thousands of attendees appearing in person in Texas. Many panels and workshops covered discussions on how to create and shop customised NFTs for the duration of the event, with companies like Blockchain Creative Labs providing an interactive ride across the road from NFT galleries and other meetups.

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Various media sources are present on the spot, along with designing personalised CryptoPunks at Ripple’s house on Rainey Street after playing a crypto-themed cocktail. Fluf World, one of the biggest famous at the festival proposing immersible experiences with digital characters, drew in many contributors with its rabbit avatars and panels on Web3 and the metaverse.

Ben McKenzie, the actor regarded for his roles on TV shows which includes Gotham and The OC who has also spoken out in opposition to public figures endorsing crypto, hosted a panel at SXSW with The New Republic personnel creator Jacob Silverman and Edward Ongweso of Vice Media. While McKenzie said the extensive use of crypto-related products as the pageant seemed to be a advertising and marketing tool, Ongweso introduced that he noticed a constant theme to businesses merchandising NFTs:

“I just predicted extra fascinating gimmicks, demonstrations, attempts to exhibit the actual use of value, something charming and interesting about it. Instead a lot of it is virtually centred on a very narrow ride that will possibly woo you, however no longer a lot in thinking about how this can certainly do something other than make money for you, maybe if you’re lucky.”

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Austin Mayor Steve Adler additionally spoke alongside Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on a dialogue of how the two cities are dealing with the adjustments in culture by drawing in tech firms and a numerous array of people. Though Adler announced on Friday initiatives to study how Austin may want to undertake crypto-friendly policies and promote the advantages of blockchain technology, crypto wasn’t the foremost subject matter of dialog outside of bringing up the city’s latest partnership with CityCoins.

Founded in 1987, Austin’s SXSW pageant drew in more than 400,000 humans in 2019 before scaling again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the capital of the biggest nation in the contiguous United States, Austin has become a hub of main tech businesses — earning it the nickname “Silicon Hills” — which include Tesla’s headquarters as nicely as regional offices for Facebook and Google. 

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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