Are Social Clubs in New York City the Next Target for NFTs?

The Maxwell Tribeca social club will be located in New York City and will accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

The 8,000-square-foot restaurant is inspired by Spanish “txokos,” or dining clubs.

The social club in New York City will open in July 2022.

This is a huge step forward in the use of NFTs to symbolise ownership in limited membership experiences.

According to Bloomberg, the New York nightlife industry is going to get a dose of crypto-exclusivity, with NFTs set to debut at Maxwell Tribeca, the city’s newest social club. The club is inspired after the txokos, or dining clubs, found in San Sebastian, Spain.

The club, which will open in July 2022 in New York City, will be unlike any other. According to what we know, clients will need a non-fungible token, or NFT, to gain access to the 8000-square-foot venue. It has the aura of being in a prominent location, with elegant décor, exclusive member privileges, and a knowledgeable founding team.

Patrons will be able to have their own liquor lockers, as the facility will not have a physical bar, and NFT holders will have access to godlike experiences reserved for the elite echelons of society. The user will be able to pour themself a glass from his booze locker.

“We’re aiming to build thousands of second homes, not third spaces, where individuals belong, and NFTs are a tool to that end,” says club founder David Litwak.

The club’s membership starts at $1,000 for shared liquor lockers, with a monthly cost of $250. Following that, modest liquor lockers will cost $5,000 and large lockers will cost $8,000.

Have you received your Flyfish Club NFT?

Gary Vaynerchuk and the VCR Group have brought Flyfish Club to the space, and it will employ NFTs as an access pass. It will be a fine dining facility with a seafood theme. In January 2022, the company issued 1501 Flyfish Club NFTs and plans to open its doors in 2023.

On secondary markets, a normal membership token sells for $13600. Another membership token is available for $29500, which entitles the holder to an omakase (multi-course sushi feast). To transfer membership, owners can sell or lease NFTs.

Along with VCR Group CEO David Rodolitz, Vaynerchuk claims that “social currency” is a key component of the club’s attractiveness. In other words, people will be able to express their preferences through their assets, notably NFTs.

For restaurateurs, this is uncharted territory.
It goes without saying that building a tangible experience based on digital asset ownership is uncharted territory. Owners of popular NFT collections have traditionally congregated in online groups or the metaverse. To date, approximately $15 million has been raised through the NFTs. Even if some owners may not attend the club, this indicates a healthy demand.

Rodolitz acknowledges that the club must live up to the hype. He expects a pricey 10000-square-foot space in a yet-to-be-determined Manhattan location. Holders of NFTs will also have access to private events and wine tastings.


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