After GoFundMe’s prohibition, protesters turn to cryptocurrency

Because GoFundMe cancelled the “Freedom Convoy Campaign” after some demonstrators grew violent, organisers moved to Tallycoin, a Bitcoin fundraising platform.

Following a bombardment of escalating political pressure from all sides that culminated in GoFundMe axing their “Freedom Convoy Campaign,” truckers opposing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Canada have moved to Bitcoin-based crowdsourcing platform Tallycoin.

On Friday, GoFundMe took down the campaign and $9 million in donations, citing claims of violence as a violation of its rules of service. Donors had to apply for their payments to be repaid at first. Following a barrage of criticism, the platform reversed course on Saturday, agreeing to repay donations automatically instead.

A group of the organisers switched their efforts to Tallycoin, a crowdsourcing platform based on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, shortly after GoFundMe cancelled the campaign.

The new fundraising page noted, “Legacy financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicised and clamped down on, but Bitcoin is a fully censorship resistant manner of transmitting value.”

As of this writing, $321,111 had been donated to the Tallycoin fundraiser, which is a small part of the $9 million raised on GoFundMe. It’s also unclear whether monies raised on Tallycoin will face the same governmental and political pressure when converted to fiat currency.

The Freedom Convoy Campaign began in mid-January as a GoFundMe fundraising for cross-border truckers in Canada who were protesting vaccine mandates. Since then, it has become a rallying point for those opposed to prescriptive public health measures such as lockdowns and mask regulations.

This isn’t the first time that governments or large corporations have imposed restrictions on who may and cannot receive funds based on political considerations. GoFundMe also put $160,000 on hold until Convoy to Canberra organisers released a spending plan on Jan. 31.

The original Freedom Convoy Campaign was apparently the seventh most successful in GoFundMe history shortly before it was cancelled.


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