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A top ETH whale bought $6.6 million worth of LUNA, a report says

Terra (LUNA), along with SHIB and FTT, is gaining popularity among the top 5,000 whales, according to the WhaleStats cryptocurrency tracking service.

LUNA has quickly become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally, an unidentified whale has acquired about $6.6 million worth of this coin.

Terra is one of the top 10 most acquired assets.

According to a data released by WhaleStats, the top 5,000 Ethereum investors have been buying Terra (LUNA) aggressively during the last twenty-four hours. The sixth largest digital currency has broken into the top ten most often purchased tokens list.

The crypto tracker’s website indicates that the number six position is held by (YFI) and other prominent US-dollar-backed stablecoins – TUSD, USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

However, unlike SHIB, FTX Token (FTT), and USDT, LUNA is not among the top 10 most held cryptocurrencies.

The top ETH whales own $1,442,428,050 in SHIB (16.1% of their portfolio) and $1,470,747,535 in FTT (16.65%).

80,000 LUNA are purchased by the top 7 whales.

Additionally, WhaleStats reported that an unnamed ETH whale, rated seventh by this data platform, purchased a stunning $6,608,800 worth of LUNA – 80,000 tokens.

However, at the time of writing, the webpage for this whale’s wallet shows no LUNA holdings.

This whale is primarily interested in the FTX Token, Ethereum, RON, USDT, and USDC.

FTT is now the largest coin in terms of market capitalization in terms of US dollars. This wallet’s FTT holdings total $1,364,196,990, or 41.94 percent of the portfolio.

FTX now supports Terra UST.

As previously reported, the FTX crypto trading giant based in the United States has extended support for Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin — UST. On March 6, it was announced.

UST is now the largest decentralized stablecoin in terms of market capitalization. Terra said earlier this month that it would boost the supply of UST by a stunning $450 million in fiat equivalent.

Terra’s price has risen to $82.72 at the time of writing. Earlier today, the coin battled to maintain its $80 price level.

Terra users have been quite active in the last month, increasing the amount of LUNA locked in Terra-based decentralized applications. TVL (total value locked) is $22 billion.

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