3 coins to keep an eye on for 2022


$0.304158 (-2.86 %)
฿0.00000817 (-0.62 %)
Market Cap
$264 462 051
฿7 100.55
Volume (24h)
$37 549 782
฿1 008.48
2 000 000 000 (Max)
868 672 118 (Available)

coti chart 31012022

COTI’s 682% rally for the duration of H2 2022 broke down in the course of November and has, when you consider that, been in a bearish trend on the each day chart.
The rate lately swept lows under a contested area at $0.2352, which induced a rally at some stage in the ultimate week into resistance at the forty EMA close to $0.3288.
It remains to be seen whether this contested location from $0.2703 to $0.2352 can support a retest if traders “sell the news” of Tuesday’s treasury launch.
Unless the standard market turns bullish, bearish continuation to possible guide near $0.2065 – just below the 78.6% retracement stage – appears likely. This region has sparked more than one consolidation.
A spoil of this stage may continue to viable aid close to $0.1599, where the H2 2022 rally started gathering earlier than its run.
If the market continues its rally, breaking via resistance close to the 2021 every year open, the macro range highs near $0.4613 might grant the next resistance.




  • DUSK Network (DUSK)

$0.537321 (-11.08 %)
฿0.00001443 (-9.03 %)
Market Cap
$209 070 237
฿5 613.33
Volume (24h)
$30 104 113
500 000 000 (Max)
389 489 794 (Available)


dusk chart 31012022 1

DUSK’s attractive 1,310% rally from its June lows to December highs suggests symptoms of an additional large bearish reversal after a failed rally in mid-January.
A spot close to $0.5546, which has confluence with the 9 EMA and the most current consolidation, can serve as a resistance specifically if investors unwind extra of their positions following tesnet launch.

Possible area of support to an extensive latest swing low and the 61.8% retracement, close to $0.4605, may additionally be the subsequent bearish target.

If this region fails to furnish support, an vicinity near $0.2625 would possibly provide the next help and probably a longer-term bottom. This place has confluence with the 78.6% retracement and the consolidation preceding the sharpest leg of H2’s rally.

If market conditions turn out to be extra bullish and resistance near $0.5546 breaks, a location near the closing downmove’s midpoint, around $0.7737, may want to furnish the subsequent resistance.

A greater sustained move upward might also retest the 2022 open near $0.9356. However, the modern-day market conditions decrease the chance of a substantial rally.


  • Theta Network (THETA)

$2.77 (-9.36 %)
฿0.00007437 (-7.12 %)
Market Cap
$2 770 017 283
฿74 359.22
Volume (24h)
$154 181 294
฿4 139.21
1 000 000 000 (Max)
1 000 000 000 (Available)

theta chart 31012022


THETA has been gradually trending downwards when you consider its large 44,582% rally via 2020 into April 2021.
The 9 and 18 EMAs, near $2.941 and an historical consolidation area, may supply resistance to propel the rate down to viable assist after Tuesday’s TDROP launch catalyst occurs.
Multiple swing lows below an area of historical consolidation, close to $1.136, could be the subsequent draw back target. If this stage breaks, higher-timeframe consolidation near $0.772 may furnish the following support.
However, if the modern resistance breaks, an vicinity near $3.678 and the forty EMA may be the subsequent degree to watch. This stage supported multiple past retests, which potentially it may flip to resistance.
A greater extensive rally could push through the 2022 open, revisiting the lows of an ancient consolidation from $4.986 to $5.830. If this move occurs, it may want to set the stage for an extra tremendous consolidation or the start of a new bullish trend.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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